The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President emphasized the importance of having a steady relationship with God and having knowledge of who he really is.

He pointed out that the Holy Bible and the Glorious Qur’an provides readers with detailed information of who God really is and how easy it is to get engrossed in the revelation supplied by these sacred books.

Whenever you get to be close to your creator, no religious leader will succeed in brainwashing you or put themselves in a position they are not qualified for.

Brekete Family.

He also advised everyone who has parents to deem it fit to take care of them. You should respect your parents and honor them. Your parents have sacrificed a lot just to ensure you get to where you are today.

They have toiled day and night, prayed and committed you into God’s hands so that things will be easy for you. What have you paid them? Many children today have put up a nonchalant attitude towards their parents to the extent that they treat them with contempt.

Mothers play very important roles in child development. They sacrifice a great deal especially when they are widowed at an early age. Quite a number of the Brekete family in attendance shared their experiences and how their parents pulled through.

One said that he lost his father at an early age so he was left in his mother’s care. He recognized early enough her sacrifices to give him a good life one of which he explained. His mother would give him pocket money and transport fare to school while she treks to her place of work.

Brekete Family.

He was moved with compassion for whenever he saw her stare longingly at expensive wrappers used by women; he then made up his mind to work and save enough that will enable him to buy her the wrapper which he eventually did to her delight.

Another said he had always wanted to get his mum a new TV because she had at some point sold hers to meet his need.

During the last Christmas celebration, his wife took it upon herself to clean up one of the TV sets in the house and they presented it to the mum and despite the fact that it’s not new, she appreciated it.

Several followers of the Brekete family Program called in to appraise the Ordinary President for the words of wisdom that oozed out from him this morning.

Some of these people found themselves guilty as charge and made an attempt to correct their wrongs by calling either of their parents or both of them and showing gratitude the right way.

The Ordinary President added that a wise person will adhere to everything he has said because time will tell what the outcome of his morning sermon is.

According to him, those who have lost their parents will feel bad because they can no longer make changes; most especially those who never played any significant roles in the lives of their parents before they passed.

He, therefore, advised that those who have either both parents or one alive should strive to give them the best while they are alive as it will go a long way in their lives.

An important point is that parents who benefit from this show of love and genuine appreciation from their children will never wish their children bad but will commit them in God’s hands while they bless them daily.

One of the ways you can earn the blessings of your parent(s) is by being a blessing to their lives; buy them things, let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their sacrifices.

He added that, if you realize you are not on good terms with your parents, try as much as possible before it is late to settle the scores. ask for their forgiveness and be sure to turn a new leaf.

This sermon given by the Ordinary President was more like a wakeup call for those who are still struggling with taking care of their beloved parents.


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