The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah advised listeners and viewers across the globe against allowing anyone tamper or hinder them from achieving their goals or pursuing their dreams.

He directed it to children whom he refers to as ‘leaders of today’ and said they should not accept the tag ‘leaders of tomorrow’ because their leadership starts from now when they can see it and be who they want to be through the help of God and proper supervision from their parents.

He encouraged parents to create a bond with their children as this will make confiding in them easier. Whenever parents show love to their children, the children, in turn, give and express love genuinely.

Brekete Family.

As regards growth, it shouldn’t be limited to physical but should include mental, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual amongst others. To grow, there should be moments of reflection when you can reminisce on your excesses and habits you are struggling with.

This moment is a period when you do not shy away from telling yourself the truth. As much as carrying out a self-check on you is concerned, you should do it sincerely and work towards a change.

At other times, your reflection might involve someone who is pretty close and whom you are sure would not hold back the truth whatsoever.

Also, be prepared to handle and help improve on a loved one’s excesses as that will build a stronger bond called togetherness whereby someone’s life is positively changed as a result of a joint effort.

Brekete Family.

Note that no matter how principled you are, you’ll meet people who will criticize you and make you look bad. They’ll refer to you as being ‘inconsiderable, mean and with whatever demeaning adjective that comes to mind.

They try everything possible to bring you down just because they believe your terms and principles are too high for them to meet up with. Do not let their words get to you because the moment you fail, they’d be on standby to mock you.

In order to succeed and attain the desired height, you should itemize every task you have ahead and intend to pursue.

When you list them out, you are doing so to remind yourself of the importance of taking a stock of every activity you engage in during the day. And it gives room for improvement as you are able to reorganize where there is laxity.


The representatives of the 670 dismissed career bankers in 2012 explained in detail their experiences in the hands of the management of Polaris bank.

According to ‘Governor’, the spokesperson, they were under pressure and were intimidated by armed police officers while they were made to sign their dismissal letters.

He stated that they made every effort to see to the redress of the issue but it was abortive. In their search for vindication, they met with Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi but on both visits, no result was achieved.

He further explained that the undue termination of these career bankers took a negative toll on them as many of them resigned to fate and could not live in the cities where they worked most of their lives.

An affected Banker.

Others developed high blood pressure and stroke and could not afford medical bills. So many children had to drop out of school because their parents could no longer fend and provide their needs.

Many others died from sicknesses and those who are alive are fighting a just cause yet they are being tossed around without a remarkable solution.

He appealed to the Ordinary President to come to their aid so that they can have better stories to tell.

He said at the time when Mainstreet Bank was taken over by Skye Bank, it was supposed to take over all of its staff liabilities and that the Managing Director Mrs. Faith Tuedor-Matthews paid little or no attention to making provision for the needs of the dismissed members of staff.

Brekete Family.

He also stated that the Federal Government gave N409 Billion to Skye bank so that it could take care of whatever liability Mainstreet Bank had.

But at the time Polaris bank took over, the government released N786 Billion which is enough to cover every asset and liability but none of that has been done.

According to him, less than 10% of the said amount will be enough to pay them all their entitlement without the bank being at loss.

He further requested on behalf of his colleagues to the management of the bank to release their leave allowance, that their loan and interest should be written off because they have been made to go through a lot than they ever thought.

The Ordinary President encouraged them to be strong as he broke down emotionally. He said their case would be revisited and he would through the help of God ensure that EFCC looks into the issue to bring to book every man and woman who took part in the unfair treatment.


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