The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

If you are endowed with the gift of Leadership by God, it is required of you to improve and become better. Regular practice of your talent equips you and gives you an edge over your counterpart in the same field where you are functional.

The success of an activity is determined by the administration overseeing the processes involved to make it work. The Nigeria of today is backward because of poor administration in every sector that tolerates diversion of funds meant for grassroots development.

For  instance, in the health sector, a Medical Doctor when made a Chief Medical Director might not perform well because it is way different from what his job description as a Doctor but when an administrator is put in charge of running activities, it turns out excellently because he has been trained to be effective in that field.

Brekete Family.

The act of whistleblowing was recommended by the Federal Government to expose corrupt practices in different sectors of the Federation. It is expected that whistleblowers are appreciated after letting the cat out of the bag but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

Well, concerning the NFF Fraud revelation going on, it was gathered that steps are being taken to stop every investigation so that all that was revealed will be swept under the carpet.

It is important to note that as Nigerians, every citizen needs to recognize his or her rights and how to claim it when tampered with. Why should and investigation process be interrupted when recovery of looted funds will do the country more good?

Truth be told; if this process is stopped, then Nigeria is a scam and officials are not truthful to what they preach.

NFF Whistleblowers.

Emmanuel Babayaro said that football has an effect on the socio-economic development of Nigeria. He is of the opinion that if it is properly funded and managed, footballers and sportsmen will contribute their quota to the country’s development.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s efforts to evacuate corruption from the country. He said, during their visit to EFCC on Monday, he read a caption in the office, ‘we either kill corruption or corruption kills us’.

This implies that the fight against corruption is fierce. He mentioned that they have not received financial support from any administration as much as they have from the Buhari Administration.

Chinedu Okoye.

Chinedu Okoye, an Ex-Football Referee in the Switzerland League for 10 years expressed his disappointment in the way and manner NFF is operating.

He shared his experience of how he bought a club for N12.5 million, part of which about N6 million was given to an NFF Executive.

He nursed the idea of being NFF president but was cut short when it was noticed that he had intentions to revive NFF and put a stop to poor administration.

When he contested and delivered his manifesto, his club was expelled from the league because he refused to involve in bribery. When the election came, he described his loss as ‘beautiful with Zero votes’.

Evidence (Envelope 2 out of 12)

Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe a.k.a Encyclopedia and the Head of Protocol for NFF continued the revelation. The second envelope out of twelve was opened. It is tagged ‘Embezzlement of $2,395,000 FIFA Assisted Programme (FAP) Funds and Grants by the NFF’.

Letter of Request. (front).

The first issue was the Letter of Request written on 27th April, 2015 by the General Secretary of NFF to FIFA for the release of $2,395,000 from NFF’s FAP that is aimed at the development of football and procurement of equipment.

NFF’s Audit Query from FIFA.
Page 2.

The money was sent to NFF’s United Bank of Africa’s Account number 3000004944. When FIFA did not get a financial report to that effect, it sent PriceWaterHouse Coopers (PWC) an audit firm to investigate which on the long run was not satisfactory.

NFF’s Reply.
Page 2.

FIFA then sent an audit query to NFF after which NFF replied with owning up to the fact that the money was diverted for other things.

Mr. Yekini

Mr. Yekini from Suleja whose dead child was mutilated was put in police custody for 5 days and later charged to court after which he was sent to prison. Before he was locked up, he was asked what he wanted and he responded that he wanted justice.

The officer who questioned him told him that the period of justice had lapsed and he can’t get it. How would a complainant become an accused?  A forged statement was presented in court instead of his own.

Brekete Family.

It is evident that the sentence was doctored in a bid to intimidate him for reporting to Brekete Family. He was given a bail option of N1 million or a document of landed property in Minna equivalent to that which he could not provide.

Since he could not meet up with the bail requirement, he was taken to Prison. On 21st November, he finally met a man who agreed to sell a plot of land to him for N30, 000 so he could be bailed.

The Ordinary President to refund the money and he encouraged him to plan to write a book on his experiences where a chapter will be on “police intimidation in Nigeria”.

Brekete Academy.

The Ordinary President appreciated and commended the Sound Engineer for the excellent work that’s not only recognized by Nigerians but also Foreigners who are marveled at the sound quality.

Engr. Fortune was then appealed to by the Ordinary President to take out time to train interested individuals on how to create sounds professionally. Below are the details for the training.

  1. Engr. Oludare Fortune- Professional Sound Engineering Class from 6th -8th December, 2019. For more information, call or send INFO to 08052535391.
  2. Ruqayat M. Bello a.k.a Lady Duvet. 25th -29th November, 2019. Fee- 35, 000. For more information, call or send INFO to 09092822333.
Brekete Academy Student.

Lady Duvet’s student, Favour Simon also expressed gratitude to Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah for encouraging both old and young to do meaningful things with their lives. As a beneficiary of the gesture, she attested to have been impacted greatly.

She then appealed to the Ordinary President to permit her to undergo her Industrial Attachment Training in Human Rights radio as that is the only thing limiting her from graduating.


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