The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

It’s evident that the year is running out irrespective of the number of things that are yet to be achieved. It doesn’t matter what you are yet to achieve, all that matters is that you remain focused and not be moved. It is very possible to have a list of things to do without even achieving half of it.

What makes a lot of dreams come to fruition is that people set a limit and discipline themselves accordingly to achieve their set goals. You might be among those whose dreams are lingering and yet to be fulfilled, don’t be discouraged, there’s room for improvement.

Brekete Family.

All that’s needed of you is to jerk up and sit tight while you plan and work on new strategies. A lot of people as a result of what they refer to as failures have criticized themselves while evaluating their activities for the year.

You should realize that the moment an idea drops on your mind and you are able to analyze it, you have successfully gone through a stage and that’s an achievement already.

A failure is one who refused to do anything probably out of sheer laziness, lack of productivity or ignorance at its worse. Take whatever the outcome of the year is in good fate and learn never to accept defeat.

Do not believe you are unworthy. You are the best version of yourself; you only need to do what’s required to produce amazing results.

The Complainant and Her Aunty.

A complainant named Khadija has been mistreated by her mother-in-law and husband; she was disconnected from her three months old baby and divorced by her husband three times.

The unfortunate thing is that those who carried out this evil act have been bragging about being diplomatically immune. Khadija’s husband is said to be a Chad Ambassador’s son.

While narrating her story, Khadija mentioned that her wedding ceremony took place in Cameroon after which she was brought to Nigeria. She enjoyed the first four months of her marriage after which her husband began to beat her.

She became pregnant and was happy thinking the beatings and abuse would reduce but it persisted. Throughout the period of pregnancy, he only took her to the hospital for ante-natal care twice.

Brekete Family.

According to her, she called her parents to inform them of her experiences; they responded and told her to endure as marriage requires endurance. After the birth of her baby, she was not allowed to receive care or even visitors as her aunt was sent parking.

The mother-in-law told Khadija’s aunt that she would take care of her which ended being a scheme to keep the aunty away from watching over her. In fact, when the aunty was in the house, she could not prepare meals and provisions were not made available for Khadija to feed well.

The aunty would sneak into their neighbor’s house to cook for herself and Khadija. As time went on, poor Khadija could no longer take it so she made a move to run away from the house with the child.

Brekete Family.

She did under the rain and went to Cameroon but unfortunately her parents sent her back to Nigeria to be with her husband. At her return, she was in solitude and not allowed to go anywhere. Days later, her mother-in-law walked into her room and took the baby from her.

Her husband then ordered that she leaves the house immediately without the child because he had divorced her permanently. When asked what her relationship is with the mother-in-law. It is shocking but she said, her own mother and mother-in-law are cousins. Till date, she has not set eyes on her baby and is not in a good state of mind.


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