The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President reminded listeners and viewers of the inevitability of death while he commemorated the DG of Legal Aid Council on the death of his wife. He prayed that God gives the family the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

While addressing the issue of death, he stated that every human should live well so as not to be caught unawares as whatever memory people have of how you lived lingers on even after you are gone.

He digressed and advised people against worshipping their religious leaders. They are not demi-gods and should not be treated in such a manner.

We are all humans and were made to fulfill certain purposes in life and all of these can only come to be when we depend on the God who made us. Not many people who claim to be called by God are truly called.

Brekete Family.

Some chose to become ‘God’s servants’ because of their selfish interest and the plan to defraud unsuspecting people of their hard-earned savings while they use the name of God to commit such gruesome offense.  

Many victims have consented because they chose to honor God through their religious leaders whom they assume to be just and upright in their dealings with God.

Several instances were cited, some of which are that a ‘Pastor’ asked a widow to sow a seed into his ministry and she gave him the only car she would have sold and used the proceeds to rent an apartment, start a business and pay her children’s school fees.

Brekete Family.

Another is that of a Pastor who rapes children and he is aided by his wife who covers the mouth of the girls during the act to prevent them from shouting for help.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah revealed the tricks used by supposed herbalists to lure their victims and also defraud them. He said all that they do is simply trickery because they know their victims are not aware; they play a quick one on them.

In other words, the stories behind charm and voodoo are mythical. He encouraged victims to open up without the fear of being intimidated.

Brekete Family.

He also frowned at the shocking increase of lesbianism and homosexuality in the country. According to findings, the internet has wreaked more havoc than good on the moral system of the world.

Nowadays, people are told to damn the consequences and go for what works for them whilst the future of the younger generation is up for jeopardy with little or no attention paid to curbing the effect of the digital age.

He advised the married folks to be on the lookout for suspicious relationships between their children and those in the neighborhood because if it is not supervised, there might be a can full of worms.

Be sure of the kind of company your child or children keep and create a bond with your child that will avail him or her unhindered opportunity to open up when things are going out of hand.

Mrs. Olubunmi Oti.

The FCCPC representative, Mrs. Olubunmi Oti emphasized on the importance of adhering to the stamp duty rules given by the CBN as regards POS withdrawal and sales charge.

She said that as far as FCCPC is concerned, it is monitoring compliance and looking carefully to find those who would not obey as they would serve as scapegoats or warnings to those who err.

She added that complaints and enquiries can be forwarded to the necessary quarters and said that such can be done either by voice call or WhatsApp chat to 08056003030.


Alhaji Sani Muhammed lives in Tudun Wada Maraba in Nasarawa State. According to the complainant, his land is being used as an abattoir and nothing has been given to him as compensation or lease fee.

He stated that every month a sum of N800, 000 is remitted to the Director of Agriculture, Emmanuel Sunday but nothing has been paid to him as the owner of the land.

It is good to note that an abattoir is a place for slaughtering animals and you can imagine the stench from that kind of place. He said he met the Etsu Karu who confirmed his ownership but nothing has been done with regards to compensation.

The Ordinary President put a call through to the Director of Lands in Nasarawa State, Mr. Khalid Adamu who promised to ensure that the old man gets justice.

The ordinary President reminded him that the single act could further unveil all the irregularities that might have been going on in the state. He then asked Alhaji Sani to come to the office where the investigation will begin.


A couple simply referred to as Comfort and Sunday Ugu complained about the family dispute as regards the allocation of wealth and landed properties left behind by his late father, Ugu Felix.

Mr. Ugu stated that his father passed on in 1996 and at that time, he was about 14 years old and was in JSS 3. His late father was married to six wives and had many children with properties.

According to the complainant, the man documented the list of his acquired properties and he as a child knew where they were kept so that after his death, there were disputes and he solicited to look for the document.

After it was discovered, his half-brothers challenged and threatened to take his life if he did not back out of pursuing his father’s wealth. From his statement, four of his brothers have died during the cause of the struggle.

The Ordinary President sensed that it was more of a communal clash that required unity, love, and understanding among brothers. He said that Easterners need to be united and stop the conspiracy because it has contributed to the disunity that is said to have been in existence for long.

He advised the wife to encourage her husband to let go so that he can be a good father to his kids and this will take away the fear of being suddenly killed from him.

Pastor Chinedu Eze.

Pastor Chinedu Eze was put in jail illegally for 14 years while awaiting trial until he was discharged and acquitted in 2019. He came out better than he went in as he was able to acquire his Bachelor’s Degree Certificate.

He recorded and released an album that has got people to encourage and support him so that he can fulfill purpose. He appreciated the efforts of the Ordinary President and the entire Brekete Family for diverse contributions that have inspired him to rise higher.

He promised to give back to the society that has helped in reviving his person and that he’ll put in mind those who have been denied justice in the Nation.


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