Brekete Academy.

Brekete Academy has series of training to look out for. These trainings are impactful and will expose participants to more opportunities. Listed below are the course titles and contacts of facilitators. interested participants can either call or send INFO to choice numbers to get full details of the desired training.

  1. Website Design Training – 09050383911
  2. Food and Bakery Training – 08036448901
  3. ICT Networking Training – 08035303418
  4. Paint and 3D Fixing Training – 07033916633
  5. Mini Importation Training – 07085160694
  6. Photography Training – 09018164846
  7. POP Ceiling Installation Training – 08028320657
  8. Gele and MakeUp Training – 08087213045
  9. Micro Business Training – 08092897290
  10. Phone and Laptop Repair Training – 08034174209
  11. Electronically Inventory Management – 08061195432
  12. Scaffolding Training – 08033203743
  13. Duvet Training – 09092822333
  14. Sound Technology Training – 08052535391
  15. Computer Engineering Training – 08188646666

Alice Omachi’s son has been in SARS custody since the 18th of October, 2019 for his alleged involvement in a robbery said to have taken place at Dutse Makaranta. The mother explained that on the 16th of October, her door was knocked in the middle of the night and she was scared.

She later discovered they were police officers but wondered what they were looking for at an odd hour and most importantly in her home. The knock persisted and this time, it was towards her son’s apartment.

The boy asked what they wanted and he was ordered to open the door which he refused until they found their way in by breaking into the house. A few moments later, she realized they were in and putting handcuffs in her son’s hands; she inquired from them the reason for their action and she was called names for having birthed that kind of boy.

He was taken to FCDA Kubwa and she would go to give him food with hopes that his crime will be disclosed but every time she went, she was told the complainant was not around. On the day the complainant came, the officers were not ready to tell her what her son did to have been reprimanded in police custody.

A young officer told her that her son was accused of being involved in an armed robbery in the neighborhood. Alice explained that on the day of the robbery, her son was home with his sister and none of them even knew about it until she informed them. The accuser said one of the boys who attacked him resembles the accused.

After pleading severally, the woman said an IPO took money from her and said that there’s no court that will justify her son. The man who was robbed then told her that he had already told SARS to release but they have refused because they claim to be investigating the issue.


Janet Ojoli alongside her late husband leased out some plots of land to a Church in 2012. In 2015, she lost her husband and his relations suggested that the land is sold which she objected to because of her young children.

Her pastor then advised her to share the land and give a portion to the relatives which she agreed to. It was then requested that the church should pay N50, 000 per year but after two years, they stopped paying.


Eloka Nweke’s daughter is suffering from Blount’s disease and has been undergoing treatments, both major and minor surgeries. She was supposed to be taken to the UK for another surgery last year but could not due to financial incapacitation.

The parents decided that the Surgery is done in Nigeria but the outcome wasn’t encouraging because the girl is now in a wheelchair. Mr. Nweke said he sold a property owned by him in Wuye to one Alhaji who had not completed the payment up to date.

His Daughter.

Before the property was sold, he had a tenant who signed an agreement of 5 years lease but paid 1 and a half. According to him, it was frustration that made him decide to sell the property at a lower price.

The value of the house; a six-bedroom flat with a penthouse; is N150 Million but he opted to sell it at N90 Million. The Alhaji studied the agreement and was satisfied with it and promised to pay the money but only paid N50 million.


A young lady named Gloria Nneka Mamah came in respect of her son whom she has not seen since June 2015. She met Okwudilli Hillary in 2013 through a neighbor, Mama Chinedu. After several discussions, she decided to marry him and she eventually got pregnant outside wedlock.

In June 2013, Okwudilli informed her of his plans to travel to his hometown for a family rites ceremony but didn’t have the means to transport himself. She had to borrow money so he’ll go. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that the house they were in and all that was there were not for Hillary.

In other words, he was squatting in that house. The owner had an accident and at the expiration of rent, Okwudilli could not pay for the house. After going through a lot for him and sacrificing all she had, he began to maltreat her. He threatened to kill her and her son and even destroyed her credentials.


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