The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

And yes, it is just a few hours to Christmas!!! Just so you would know, a lot of people are still out there languishing in poverty and not knowing what and how to go about celebrating the season.

Here’s a word for you, it is never too late until God says it is. This implies that God’s timing differs from ours and when you might have given up is just when He’ll show up. Hold on and hold out.


Daniel Udoh Obot reported that his brother Etuk Obot was shot by a masked Police officer at Lugbe on 4th September, 2019. He was unconscious and was only able to narrate his experience the next day.

He said someone had called him to come to his workshop as he is a welder; he needed to collect money from the person for materials. The person, in turn, transferred N20, 000 to his account and he went to the ATM to make withdrawals.

As he was going back, he saw some policemen and he went back without knowing one of the officers trailed him. When he realized this, the officer shot him thrice on his leg. When people tried coming to his rescue, the police officer shot in the air.

The unfortunate thing is that the officer was masked and no one recognized him. The IG Liaison said the office will investigate the case and make every effort to bring the culprit to order.


Musa Abubakar was dismissed from the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting in 2012 because one of his colleagues stole a sum of N1.5 Million. Before his dismissal, he worked in the Security Finishing Department and there were 45 members of staff in that department on duty.

It was later discovered that a man took the money and he was apprehended by men of the Nigeria Police Force when he was trying to escape through the gate. At that point, the investigation process should have begun to fish out those who were involved but the Managing Director ordered that all 45 people should be dismissed from work.

The senior security officers who are saddled with the responsibility of preventing criminal activities in the company were asked to resign and were given benefits. But himself and other dismissed staff were given N42, 000 as total benefit and gratuity after serving the company for 18 years or even more.

The Ordinary President encouraged him to return on a later date when the representatives of the Public Complaints Commission will be around and the matter will be handed over to them.

Benjamin Saidu.

The Ordinary President has not only secured justice for the downtrodden but has also mended broken relationships. A man named Benjamin Saidu from Jos is a beneficiary of Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah’s mediation.

He narrated that he lost his father who left a lot of property without the children’s knowledge. At the time of his illness, the father asked him to come but he felt his father would survive so he didn’t show up until his death.

At a time when he was in Abuja, he called during the program ‘Telephone Vano’ and told the Ordinary President his story and that he knows that his father left some properties of which the documents are with his uncle but the unfortunate thing is that he is not in good term with the uncle.

The Ordinary President asked him to pay a visit to the uncle and be friendly with him as his manner of approach will make a difference. He didn’t want to do it initially but when he did, it worked out beyond his imagination. On getting to the village, the uncle sighted him and frowned but he smiled and greeted him warmly.

This moved the elderly man to ask his son to get him the file containing the document. His uncle then told him that it was more appropriate at that time to present the file to him so he can access his late father’s wealth. That moment changed his life for good.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President encouraged him to carry his only sister along and invest wisely in profitable businesses. He should not be lavish in his spending. When asked about his marital status, he said he is separated from his wife.

At the time he was working with UBA, he carried out a wrong transaction that cost him his job. When the wife realized he no longer had money, she left him to be with another man.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad advised him to show love whatsoever to her especially because they have a daughter together.  The Ordinary President and Brekete Family members applauded the Elderly man who took care of the Documents without converting for personal use.

Benjamin said he is in the village and down with Diabetes, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah said he should make sure he takes care of him with everything possible.

NFF Whistleblowers.

The unveiling of the rot in NFF continued during the Brekete family program. For better understanding, the Ordinary President requested that there should be a recap of previously discussed issues especially those featured in the 3rd envelope.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah mentioned that some people who are supposed supporters of the Minister of Sports are betraying him by revealing conversations that ensued between them in order to get favored by the Ordinary President.

He referred to this as mere gossip and advised the Minister, Sunday Dare to be mindful of such people.  Emmanuel Babayaro stated that it doesn’t look like the government is interested in what they are trying to reveal.

In response, the Vice Presidential Liaison, Ufom Udott said, ‘very soon there’ll be an earthquake’. This implies that several things are being put in place and at the time it will be ready, everyone will be shocked and impressed at the turn of events.  

A document containing transactions.

Another shocking revelation was that the national teams now buy jerseys in Lagos while other teams including under 17 amongst others buy their jerseys from Suleja. This means that whatever jersey any Nigeria team wears in below quality and ridiculous.

Coach James Peters confirmed this and said that when he was in service, the team was affiliated with brand names like Nike, Adidas which provide the footballers with everything they need and in excess. But of recent, Nigerian footballers have to wash and reuse their jerseys because they no longer have supply and access to what they need.

Also, cases of mismanagement and diversion of billions of dollars were discussed. Taking the provided documents as evidence, it is obvious that a lot of decay is going on in NFF and there is a need for the Government to do the needful before things go out of hand.


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