The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

A lot of people are full of regrets as a result of their carelessness or nonchalance towards opportunities presented before them.

While some people have been able to live past it, some others are haunted by the horrors of their mistake and have not been able to figure it out. You should note that there is bound to be a downtime in the life of everyone.

The only difference is the approach adopted to cushion the effect of the challenge. Whenever you are hit with a trial, you should get up to pick the pieces of your life together and make something meaningful and enviable out of it.

Brekete Family.

You are also advised to be mindful of the people you get involved with; especially those who would present before you juicy business ideas.

As good as ‘juicy’ sounds, you should watch it because many of these ideas are laced with bad results. Do not take unnecessary or uncalculated risks.

Some people will obviously perceive you to be vulnerable or naïve and just choose to take advantage of what they see as your weakness.

Some people in a bid to make ends meet have fallen victim to fraudsters who are bent on carting away people’s hard-earned money.

Brekete Family.

You should not be vulnerable to the point of trusting everyone you encounter. The best person to trust in is YOU. The society where we are in is oozing of corruption and nothing is being put in place by the government to curb.

Whatever body that’s responsible for calling to order those who are indicted with money laundering is making efforts but needs to be more effective as it is now on the increase.

Corruption and irregularities should be unheard of where anti-graft bodies are functional.

You should apply precautions before venturing into any form of business; make your findings and do proper profile research on the person or company you are planning to get in business with.

One of the Complainants.

A group of people was defrauded of about N30 Billion naira by a supposed cooperative group. Some of the affected members invested thousands and millions of naira into the scheme presided over by Mr. Uno Michael Eke who allegedly enticed his victims into making an investment in his Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society with an interest of up to 50% after 40 days.

About 13,000 people all over the world were said to have made this contribution which has landed them in trouble. Some invested as low as N100, 000 while some who had more money went as far as investing N15 Million naira.

According to the spokesperson, a lot of the affected individuals have gone berserk as a result of their loss. It was deduced that many people had to borrow money to get involved in the ‘promising’ scheme.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President put a call through to the President of the Cooperative society but he didn’t take his calls. On another trial, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah called the vice-president who picked up but on hearing the voice of the ordinary president, dropped the line and kept rejecting other calls.

The Ordinary President and the members of the Brekete Family commiserated with these affected persons on their loss and he told them that with God’s help, they will get their money back.

The Spokesperson for the group added that one of the victims is in jail in China at the moment because she got people to invest in the scheme and they all ended up being disappointed.   


Mrs. Fatima Muhammed, a widow to late Bala Gwanna (a Deputy Comptroller of Prisons) who died in 2011 leaving behind seven children. According to her, she made efforts to get his gratuity but the body concerned has remained silent about it.

She said at some point, she was made to pay N10, 000 for the money to be processed but days, weeks, and months and years later, she has not been able to access what are rightfully hers and the children’s entitlement.

The Ordinary President asked if her late husband was married to another woman but she said she’s the only wife. The Ordinary President called the PRO of Prisons, Ese Njoku who promised to look into the matter and asked her to come over for clarity on the matter that’ll aid a quick delve into it.


A widow referred to as Nonye said after she buried her husband in August, a tenant known as Udoh Lawrence approached her for assistance. He told her he worked for a man of about 76 years old who was currently in need of money to launch his newly invented car that runs without fuel.

He said the man was stuck and so he needed help. She borrowed her tenant N3 Million naira with hopes that he will return it in September when her daughter and son will be resuming school. She told him she would not need any interest in return but she would need him to adhere to the agreement.

By September, the money wasn’t paid. She was given a cheque and was told not to pay the cheque in. She later paid the money on the 11th of February after which she was invited to the Force Headquarters.

While at the Force headquarters, the issue of the money wasn’t discussed, they instead held on to the fact that she ‘insulted’ the man. The Ordinary President with understanding told her that the insult came at the point where she was frustrated despite rendering him help during his time of need.


  1. Good morning Brekete Family.
    I always lack words to quantify the things God is using Ordinary President to do.
    I can only pray for God’s protection and provision for more impact among the Ordinary Nigeriins and the world at large.

    Please Sir, I understand brekete family can help one manage cab and remit money to the owner. I want to know more about it and how one can partake. Thanks!

  2. My name is Anna, my nice is living in Warri, she has some problems with ex mother in law. They take her two kinds away from her and refused her to see her two children. How can we get in contact with Brekete family, for help, so she can see her children again?


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