The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

As a leader of today, you should also put in mind that you are the hope of tomorrow. Being the hope of tomorrow means that people are counting on you to produce the results of what you have been working on during your growing days.

Be reminded that you should give responsibilities to children as that will equip them for the desired future. You should mete out punishment to them adequately while putting in view the purpose; that is to correct them.


A lady named Mary Paul from Nasarawa complained about being cheated over her father’s property. According to the complainant, her father inherited some landed properties from his own father.

He erected shops and willed them out to his children so that they can lease out and get rent from it. in 2014, the shops got engulfed in fire, after which the children leased the property to traders who were paying in return.

After a while, a group of people who were said to be dealing in the sales of phones decided to claim the land and they did through the Chief of Masaka who fostered the plans.

Brekete Family.

At the moment, the family is trying to reclaim the land but the Chief is hindering the processes because the phone sellers have paid him allegedly.

The complainant’s younger sister has been sick and requires surgery to live well, but it’s been difficult getting them as the source best known to them has been taken away from them.  

The Ordinary President called the Etsu Karu; a Royal father to explain all that transpired. He in response promised to do something about it and asked that they see him in the Palace.

Aham Rochas Okorocha Foundation.

The Aham Rochas Okorocha Foundation scholarship scheme has been on and during the program; the first four beneficiaries were announced by the Scholarship Fund Manager, Leonie.

The ordinary President took out time to shower encomium on Rochas Okorocha for the amazing legacies he handed over to his children especially Aham Rochas who is the founder and President of the Aham Rochas Foundation.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad said Rochas Okorocha did not discriminate that he built the first-ever free school in Kano state.

Brekete Family.

Ms. Leonie announced the names of the selected benefactors of the scholarship awards. In her statement, she said that the plan was to pick four children and put them in secondary school but they heard of a case that required flexibility so they settled to pick five children instead.

The names of the benefactors are Esther Luka Mabadu, Ojo Chinedu Emmanuel, Wosilat Abdulwosil (she lives in an uncompleted building in Lokogoma and has not been regular in school), Favour Hosea and Dorcas Hosea (their mother is late and they were raped by their father’s landlord when they were much younger).

According to Ms. Leonie, they considered them because they could not imagine how the father had been able to manage the rape issue as they have lots of memories to forget and leave behind in order to make better things out of life’s opportunities.


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