Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Yes, it is the season to be Merry!!! One of the ways to live and have a fulfilling season is by showing love. Celebrating Christmas embodies giving. There are countless people wandering and not even sure what the day has in store, it is expected of you to stretch your hands out in love to help such people.

The act of helping is one that humans cannot reward but can only be rewarded by God Himself who derives pleasure and joy in seeing that those whom He created are living life the way He designed it to be.

Brekete Family.

Celebration is in the air in every part of the world and people need to realize that safety is important during this season.

Drivers should be careful on the road because it is a recurring fact that people want to reach their destination in time and without delay so that they can meet up with the various family gatherings that have been scheduled to bring people together.

While some are careful, some others are careless and they end up causing havoc on major roads because of the rush to reach home.

Drivers are cautioned to avoid drinking before and while driving so that they will not put the lives of innocent passengers at stake.

Representatives of Christ Mercyland Church, Warri.

Representatives of Christ Mercyland Church, Warri which includes; Joseph, the Chief Security Officer, Charles Ajekuta (Esq.), a Legal Practitioner and Fezil Owen, the Chairman Disciplinary Committee have come to give their own side of the story told by a physically challenged who alleged that her son got missing when she went to the ministry to seek spiritual help.

The Chief Security Officer said that he received a call as regards the missing child from a police officer. He went there with his team to hear that a woman complained and according to him, such had never happened in the church.

He said he has on several times given the complainant money so he was shocked when he heard that she could not find her son. The man said he usually sees her with three children and a man who helps her cross due to her physical state.

Brekete Family.

He stated that she never reported any missing child to the ministry and that the Man of God does not go about as he is described as a ‘busy man’. According to him, the Police carried out several investigations and they had their findings.

He said the woman called him on phone; he answered and recorded their conversation. He stated that she said that the baby was found with her close friend who resides in the same compound with her and she wanted him to cover up for her.

She said she would need N2, 500 to travel down before returning to Ogun State where he claims she resides. He then sent the record to the Police. Every effort to get her to bring the person who kidnapped her baby proved abortive as she had not returned any call.

Brekete Family.

Akaramakallah encouraged them to drop the recording to make sure that investigation continues and the culprit is brought to book.

When asked if the church had security cameras, he responded that the church has them in strategic places like the Account department but the other ones are faulty.


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