Everyone is imbued with responsibility, though it is very possible that not everyone will act according to what is placed in their hands. You are referred to as being responsible when you take what’s placed in your hands with all seriousness and you handle it effectively.

You’d encounter people from all walks of life who would probably want you to lose guard of what you should represent; one of the best ways to handle their approach is to be tactical and diplomatic.

He reestablished his thought on the parent-child relationship that exists in the present-day society. Many children these days no longer see reasons why they should take care of their parents.

Some would complain about their parents’ high-handedness or toxicity. Whatever be the case, inasmuch as you can survive their difficulties, you have no worries because the encounter you have with them prepares you for what the future has to offer you.

But you should everything humanly possible to see them smile at seeing you or hearing from you. Give them reasons to appreciate you and cherish you more than you would have bargained for.

Dr. Timi Agama.

The Ordinary President in a bid to secure justice for those who fell victim to the Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative bankruptcy re-introduced and presented their case before officials from the Security and Exchange Commission.

Dr. Timi Agama said that a lot of people are have been brainwashed to think that Ponzi Schemes are real and profitable wherein the real sense of it, it is only out to drain out all that unsuspecting subscribers have put in while expecting it to yield interest.

He advised Nigerians and those who listen to be observant enough to decipher what steps you are taking to prevent swindling. The Ordinary President intervened by asking the spokesperson to communicate to every other affected member on the decision and hear their points of view.

SERVICOM and SEC Officials.

Mr. Michael Eke confirmed the existence of the cooperative. According to him, the cooperative has benefited the complainants on several occasions.

On August 2nd, 2018 there was an issue and he addressed the society and asked them to give 3 months to afford him the opportunity to refund the capital they invested.

He said he refunded to some group of people before his accounts were blocked because people reported. He was put in detention for 10 months and he pleaded for an opportunity to address the issue at hand.

He said, if they want results, the case should be settled outside court and a way forward should be discussed. The Ordinary President suggested a mediation process after the case is withdrawn from the court.

Precious Okafor.

A young man named Precious Okafor called the Ordinary President during the Saturday program tagged ‘Telefone vano with the Ordinary President’ to share his tragic experience.

He lost his mother, sister, and his house. His mother when alive was with him in Abuja and she fell sick; he took every step needed to ensure his mother feels better.

His sister who was his support system got shot on her journey to Port-Harcourt but eventually did not make it out of the hospital alive as she sent a note to her brother begging him to take care of her children.

Brekete Family.

When he got to Abuja, he was told that his house was razed by fire; his neighbor had plugged an electric boiling ring without switching it off before power was restored. The ordinary president gave him N36, 000 to get an apartment, foodstuff and available household items.

In the long run, someone offered him free accommodation for two years. In other words, his life took a new turn as things massively changed in his favor within the twinkle of an eye.

Brekete family.

The Ordinary President revealed the irregularities going on in the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company headed by Marilyn Amobi. It was revealed that she embezzled government funds, was suspended and recalled yet nothing was done to call her to order.

From the documents read out by the Ordinary President, she has attached to her security personnel that she pays personally. This shows the level at which corruption has eaten deep into the confines of the nation.

Asides of that, there’s been issues of over-invoicing and inflated budget in the organization in the past years and nothing has been done to that effect.


  1. Good evening my ordinary president sir, my name na Innocent from Iddo Sarki (Student Area, close to university of abuja perm site) in abuja here.. Pls we need you to come to our rescue, a lot of insecurity challenges happening here Sir… Just yesterday a female student was rapped while doing her early morning jugging and in the night a bike man’s bike was snatched and left the owner with multiple deep cut in his head .. He eventually died this morning … After being rejected by more than 3 hospitals.. All efforts to end this unpalatable situation proves abortive, We reported to the police station but no action has been taken till now… Please help us .. This place is a danger zone … Thank you

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