Comfort Okpere.

Comfort Okpere, a.k.a Complete Package advised those who still lazy around with hopes that magic will happen randomly and luck will shine on them.

She made these people understand that it is important for them to make little efforts and divert their energies into doing what’s right and profitable.

If you sit in a place and you think being dependent on people is the way out, then it is obvious that you are getting the principles of productivity twisted. 

Brekete Family.

Anyone who intends to succeed will not be lazy and will desire to pursue success irrespective of whatever challenges he has preempted.

It is okay to expect challenges while making efforts to succeed but at the same time, you should know that challenges make you strong and they put you on your toes so that you can develop the quest for more.

That is with challenges in view, you are prepared to tackle whatever lies ahead while you fix your gaze on the goal ahead of you.

Brekete Family.

Your mind should be occupied with positive strategies and imaginations so that you can make a difference not only in your immediate environment but in the world where you are.

People around you should feel the impact of your presence when they are around you. If you don’t do the right things or take the right steps, you can’t get great solutions or results.

Be effective wherever you find yourself as it would give you an edge and will eventually make you a force to be reckoned with.

God blesses a man who has done his best and left the rest in His hands. An idle man does not succeed and he languishes in poverty.


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