Brekete Family Program >> 25th March, 2019


Brekete family program is a talk magazine program that tackles human right issues. On today’s program we have liaison officers of the Inspector General of Police and that of Federal Road Safety Corps featured and it was anchored by no one else but Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah and Co-anchored by Comfort Okpere.

The Ordinary President started the program with a strong advise to every Nigerian on the need to move with time and upgrade yourself knowledge wise no matter how good, influential, young or old you are. He talks about his recent journey to Kaduna State and what he experienced. Most of the legacies Sir Ahmadu Bello of blessed memory left behind are dying and this is very sad, he said.

He also took his time to remember our past heroes, these are selfless leaders he said and challenged every present leader in Nigeria to follow their footsteps and even do better.

Consultant Iyke also contributed to the discussion and sited examples of selfish governance and leaders, what sort of politicians are we breeding in this country, he cried out. The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah followed this with some jokes to neutralize the mood of everyone.

Cases were treated and the first to be heard was that of a Cameroonian woman whose Nigerian husband was allegedly arrested by the military in Bayelsa State. According to her, it was said that her husband was contesting for a sit in the House of Representatives before he was allegedly arrested and detained. Shortly after she explained how it all happened she went emotional and thanked the Ordinary President for his relentless efforts since she brought forth her complaints and she prayed with tears in her eyes. The Ordinary President then pleaded with Nigerian Government to please do something fast about this matter.

Another case was that of a woman who was scammed by her secondary school mate, according to her she met him on Facebook after about 10 years since they left secondary school and she saw his advert on fish farming which she invested into but turned out to be a will’o’the wisp. The matter has been handed over to Daddy Scaffold for follow up and further investigation.

The case of some former staff of National Judicial Institute was also heard, according to them they were unjustly sacked from work 10 years ago without any justifiable reason. A spokesperson among them said their named was swapped with some who were recommended for sack after a whistle was blown by an unknown source and it has been like that since then, although recommendations have been made by Public Complaints Commission, among others but yet the matter has still remained the same. The Ordinary President promised them justice by the grace of God.

Another case was that of a woman, a former Road Safety Marshall who was allegedly dismissed from work, although the matter is still under investigation. That reopened the case of another woman whose business was crumbled as a result of inhuman treatment by the Road Safety Corps. It was said that her vehicle was stopped and seized because she doesn’t have a speed limiter, the vehicle which was used in supplying bread was seized and her products were allowed to spoil during this period which led to her business downfall. The question now is ‘what does a vehicle used in supplying bread has to do with speed limiter?. she cried.

The case of another woman whose bags of rice was seized by the Nigerian Custom was also referred to as the Ordinary President ended the program.


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