Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

A lot of people have put in mind all that they seek to achieve in life but most times end up failing in carrying it out effectively. Before you commit to doing anything, be very sure and sensitive to whatever process to be involved.

Do not dabble into what you do not deem safe to pursue. You should also seek opinions regarding what you want to do so that you would have no need to regret your actions.

Daddy Scaffold.

Mr. Innocent Orji (Daddy Scaffold) was permitted by the Ordinary President to share an experience he witnessed at the Human Rights Radio gate yesterday.

The Ordinary President who called in on the program stated emphatically that not many people are excited about the good works going on in the radio station and are looking for ways to suppress all.

Daddy scaffold said he saw a young man dressed in a long, black kaftan approach the security post and he sought to be allowed in. according to him, the security officer on duty denied him access and asked that he provided a means of identification.

Brekete Family.

He refused and instead ordered the officer to let him in as he needed to see the Ordinary President.

Daddy scaffold arrived at the scene and complimented the security officer’s instruction but to their utmost shock, he left the scene and drove off in his car.

Daddy Scaffold also encouraged people to be watchful and be very mindful of those they engage in conversation with as it’s not everyone who has good intentions.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President also announced to the delight of the Brekete family that the newly updated Human rights Radio application is ready for download and it has unique features that make it possible to connect to either of the Radio stations in Abuja or Kaduna.

He encouraged listeners to download the app and he commended Mr. Obaje (a.k.a Ufedo worldwide) for the great job he did in putting up the app and he also recommended him to those who would love to make use of his service.


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