The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

Giving a child a proper upbringing saves the name of the family and it is our duty as parents’ to guide and mold our children for them to be conscious of their environment and make them children of integrity and of good moral value so that the future of the country will be better as they are the leaders of today and not tomorrow, these are words from our dear Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and he emphasizes on the need for all of us in Nigeria to be of good behavior and he preaches peace and unity among all tribes and plead with Nigerians to identify with our culture and moral values.

The Man defrauded by AIRTEL

The case of a man that was defrauded by a communication company called AIRTEL since 2007 was treated and the Ordinary President made a call to representative of Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) and an appointment was schedule with the management days later.

The Brekete Family

The Director- General of Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) was introduced and he made presentations the functions of TRCN and the major function is to regulate the teaching profession in Nigeria and to monitor the activities of both Public and Private Schools in Nigeria.


The Ordinary President read a letter to the Brekete Family from The Federal Ministry of Education of Education based on invitation for briefing on alleged sodomy and molestation of a student at Kuje School of Deaf, Abuja.

The Lady Botanist and Nutritionist

The Lady Botanist made a revelation concerning the public hearing that the House of Representatives was biased based on the public hearing.

The Nigerian Student in India

And to cap it all, a Nigerian student that did well in India by breaking records in both academic and sport activities was introduced and the Ordinary president promised that she will made a presentation the following day.


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