Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Whatever God has placed in your hands should give you reasons to be grateful. Whatever resource He blesses you with should be properly managed and utilized not only for your benefit but also for those around you so that they can honor God through your life.

A story is told of a rich man who gave three of his servants money; he gave the first one about N5,000 naira, the second he gave N2,000 and the last he gave N1,000. He told them to utilize it well and make profits before his arrival.

Brekete Family.

At his return, the first two gave a progressive account of how they utilized the gifts given to them but the last one buried it because he didn’t see a reason why he should invest it since he considered it a small amount.

The man in his rage took what was with him and gave it to the first one who successfully multiplied what he had. In essence, whatever you have should not be hidden but used for the benefit of those who might be interested in looking up to you as a source of inspiration.


An expelled cadet of the Nigeria Defence Academy; Usman AbdulRazaq shared that he was a semi-finalist in the Academy when he was dismissed for an offense he didn’t commit.

In 2017 he was brutalized by an officer and eventually suffered several injuries that landed him in the hospital and on admission. He was there for a few days and was given a note to show that he would not be able to take part in strenuous activities during the time he is recuperating.

Brekete Family.

He was then charged by an officer to have been absent from his battalion (that is, hostel) at light outs and other times. The charge was submitted to his battalion commander who invited him over for trial.

He was tried and he proved his innocence as he explained the reasons for his absence, that is, he was in the clinic during those times and he did well to present the note given him by the medical officer that cleared him.

The Commander then released him and gave him the go-ahead to continue his course work with his colleagues but it seems luck did not shine on him as he was eventually dismissed.  


Madam Vivian Dauda, an aged widow complained against the refusal of the Nigeria Army to pay her late husband’s gratuity. She said that her husband was killed in the year 2000 during the then Kaduna crises as a serving military officer on peace mission.

His death benefit was paid the year he dies but nothing has been given to the family ever since. She had called in on the Saturday program, ‘Telefone vano with the Ordinary President’ to air her grievances against the military body.

Not only has the Ordinary President promised to help secure her late husband’s money but he also got her connected to Dr. Ruzu who would help check and treat her against the old age ailment she’s battling with.


The representatives of FCCPC which include, Mr. Peter Utazi, Mrs. Bridget Etim and Mrs. Olubunmi Oti were around to educate Nigerians on the importance of safety during the dry season.

Mrs. Bridget Etim stated that precautions should be taken as regards the use of electricity in the house after using household appliances. When you are done using them, ensure that you switch off the socket to prevent any trigger whatsoever.

Brekete Family.

Also, you should not neglect the poor connections. Whenever you sight anyone, whether in your house or around you, you should call the attention of the necessary authorities so that it will be checked and replaced.

On the use of gas cylinders, you are encouraged to keep your cylinders outside the house where there is proper ventilation. Before buying a cylinder, be sure to check the date of expiration and whenever the current one lapses, you should take it for retesting where you’d know if you can continue or discontinue using it.

Lastly, you should fill up your cylinders at certified gas plants and be careful not to fall victim to poor gas as a result of your negligence.


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