The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Children have been encouraged to focus on their goals as it is important for them to succeed. The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah frowned at the level Nigeria as a country is backward.

It is backward in the sense that its citizens are fond of promoting western culture and abandoning its heritage to be trodden upon.

He stated that while the westerners seek to promote what is theirs, they demote the African descent and make it appear as a counterfeit culture.

He then advised Nigerians and Africans at large to endeavor to uphold the values of their culture despite embracing westernization.

Brekete Family.

If one embraces westernization totally and leaves his culture, he will become lost and will be a stranger in his land because he traded his beliefs for ephemerals.

Children no longer give regards to adults and when they are corrected, it feels to them like they are being cheated.

Parents have roles to play in molding their children’s life; values and discipline should be instilled in their lives so that they’ll be morally upright and would fear to deviate from all that you have taught them.

Do not trade your roots or origin for things that might be regrettable in the future.

Brekete Family.

Madam Farida who is a victim of medical mishandling and negligence had the privilege as promised by the Ordinary president to share her story.

It was deduced that she suffered several complications resulting from surgeries. At the moment, she cannot walk and to the amazement of everyone in the studio, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah announced his willingness to sponsor the required trip to Germany with the hope that whatever went wrong will be corrected.

He commended her husband who had stood by her through thick and thin without leaving her to wallow in her pains.

He then advised that the immediate process for the trip should begin so that her life will no longer be at risk and she’ll be able to live a normal life once again.

The Complainant and her Children.

The lady whose son went missing at Mercy City, Warri Delta state, Matthew Ruth was in the studio with three of her children.

She re-narrated her story and her first son confirmed that her statements are true and that because he saw miracles happening in the church, he nudged his mother to go there with the hope that his mum will walk again.

Contrary to the church officials’ statement that Mrs. Ruth did not see the Man of God, She disputed their claims and said she met him and he asked if she was the one who gave birth to the children who are all boys.

The Ordinary President promised to make efforts to ensure that her son is reunited with his family.


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