The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

The major issue of discuss in today’s program deals with our longtime partner in Brekete Family which is Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), the prevalent rate of power outage is major concern in Nigeria and the representatives of AEDC made a promise to address the issue and the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah gave them an advice that will help in solving the issue of electricity in Nigeria.

The Man that was hit by Deputy Senate Entourage

There was a man that presented his case to Brekete Family, he was hit by the entourage of the Deputy-Senate President of Nigeria and he was abandoned  by the officials and he begged the Ordinary President to help him look into the case and also, a man was duped by his neighbor by buying his car and refused to pay the outstanding balance, the Ordinary President made a call to the surety and he gave him two weeks to return the money and he gave an advice to the Brekete Family to be careful of being a surety for anybody that we are not sure of his behaviors.

The Brekete Family

Furthermore, the Nigerian student that broke records in her University in India both Academic and Sporting activities read a letter to the Ordinary President and with all her demands the Ordinary President promised to help her out in all her demands and made a call to the Minister of Sport which he immediately invite her to his office for further meetings.

The Nigeria student in India and her father

The Awards

The DG Human Rights Radio Mr. Odoh Diego Okenyodo read a communique from the Federal Ministry of Education’s press briefing on the allegation of child sodomy and molestation in Kuje School of Deaf, Abuja. The case was thoroughly deliberated upon and the Ordinary President asked the representatives of Public Complaint Commission (PCC) to look into the case so that the woman and her child can get justice.

The DG Human Rights Radio Mr. Odoh Diego Okenyodo

The Representative of Public Complaint Commission
The Grandma and her Daughter

To call it a wrap, the INEC representative was introduced and appreciation was sent to Nigerians for coming out en mass for the rerun elections and promised to conclude the remaining inconclusive tagged elections.


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