Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Whatever your hand finds to do, you should do it well without procrastinating. You should never wait until the right time. No time is perfect to achieve anything you have on your mind to achieve.

The moment you put your mind to it, water the ideas and make sure it grows to the point where you would not be discouraged whatsoever to give up.

Brekete Family.

You should treat people you encounter with so much respect such that they will value you the same way you value them too.

When you are good to people without knowing where they are from or what their identity is, you will get great rewards because such will come back to you; that is, someone who doesn’t have an inkling about you would help and support you at some points in life.

Emmanuel Babayaro.

Emmanuel Babayaro advised Nigerians to emulate what is good. If you admire the good works done by someone, you should strive to do better.

Using the Ordinary President as an instance, many people believe he is the only one suitable for whatever good he is doing wherein the real sense of it, anybody can do even better than him.

Brekete Family.

He is able to do these things because he sees himself as an instrument that can be used by God to wipe the tears of people. Akaramakallah added that it’s unfair when people wait for the government to come to their aid when they can do better.

You should not be an expert in posting sad occurrences on the internet; you should instead be the one who would help others get out of their troubles.


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