The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Everyone has leadership traits and it’s pertinent for the qualities to be developed and not left unattended to. When it is undeveloped, it is likely that you fail in the responsibilities given to you as a leader.

Your followers look up to you for quite a number of things and the moment you fail them, they refer to you as incompetent. When you deliver your mandate, you get loyalty as a reward but when you do not, you are only seeking royalty.

Madam Farida’s Husband.

Madam Farida who benefitted from the Ordinary President’s benevolence expressed gratitude to God for sending the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad to help her.

Though she couldn’t appear in the studio as a result of a cramping in her spine, her husband represented the family and showed proof that the money promised had been paid.

The Ordinary President further announced that the Personal Assistant to the Ambassador of Germany to Nigeria on hearing the story yesterday requested that the couple should come to the embassy for their visa to avoid any form of delay.

Brekete Family.

While this was on, the Ordinary President mentioned that a lot of people have called to commend him on the action he took.

While some prayed for him, others criticized him by saying, how would he give out N4 Million especially at a time when the economy of the Nation is not encouraging. Some others said he shouldn’t have announced his intention on air.

Brekete Family.

In response to that, he said that he made the promise on air and it needed to be fulfilled on air because the naysayers on realizing that he didn’t announce it will assume it was an empty promise.

On a lighter note and in appreciation of all his kind gestures, some of those on his team testified to his philanthropic nature. It is good to note that doing well or helping people is not supposed to be the core duty of a particular person.

Brekete Family.

Every individual is mandated by God to stretch forth a hand of help to those in need of it.

The sad part of the whole thing is that the country has lots of people who are capable and have enough to even give out but many of them are driven by self and are not willing to do what is required of them but they take delight in criticizing someone who is standing in the gap and working every means possible to bring him down.


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