Brekete Family Program is a reality talk magazine program that tackles human right issues. Today’s program featured Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Consumers Protection Commission, and some professional Bio-technologists.

Prior to today’s program their was a pending matter on genetically modified foods we consume in Nigeria. Today, Bio-technologists from different organizations across Nigeria are in the studio to educate Nigerians on what genetically modified foods are. But before they proceed, The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah talks about insecurity in Nigeria and particularly the FCT Abuja, the rate of insecurity in the FCT is becoming alarming ranging from kidnapping, armed robbery etc and the Nigerian government seems to be doing nothing or not doing enough about it. He talks about the need for all citizens of Nigeria to support the Nigeria Police and all other security personnel in other to tackle the insecurity. We are not saying the government is not trying but it seems their is something fundamentally missing, I hereby urge all security agents to step up their game, he said.

Some victims of kidnapping and robbery narrated their experiences and encounter with some of these evil doers. One of the victims said they entered a cab from Garki Area 11 on the 20th of march 2019 at about 5:am in the morning, along the way a guy from the cab brought out a machete and asked them to bring out all that belongs to them, at this point they were robbed and severely injured before they were dropped. Luckily for them, an unknown person then brought them to Human Rights Radio and TV for rescue.

Prof. Mohammed Ishiaku from the Institute of Agricultural Research Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria spoke on behalf of other Bio-technologists, he explained how plants are being modified and produced and also tried to clear the notion that genetically modified foods are harmful for consumption, although, the time given was not enough to explain more about all these, 10th of April was then fixed for a debate between them and those who brought the allegations.

The case of some elder statesmen who were retired from Nassarawa Polytechnic and were short paid after then was heard, the matter was handed over to Public Complaints Commission for further investigation.

Representatives of Nigeria Communications Commission enlightened the public on what the office do and how they operate. The program ended on a lighter note as the next episode promises to be more interesting.


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