The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Kemi Babalola, a physically challenged woman in a wheelchair had in December complained about a failed deal she got involved in to ensure her brother’s dreams are actualized.

Her brother is an aspiring footballer and she felt the need to support him; with this, she got an agent who would help with the visa but unfortunately, it failed.


During the program on 16th December, 2019, the Ordinary President called the agent named Garba Yusuf and asked him to sort the issue and return the complainant’s money.

As of today when he was called, he claimed to have begun the visa process and that it would be ready in February. The woman said she doesn’t need the visa and requested that he refunds her money.

The Ordinary President mediated and Mr. Garba agreed to pay it at a given time.


Mrs. Francisca Ogbu, a widow whose husband was killed during the recent Shi’ite protests has come with complaints as regards the circumstances surrounding her late husband’s death.

Before his death, Mr. Alexander Ameh Ogbu worked as a journalist, a trade unionist and an activist who wrote for the Regent Magazine. She said he left their residence in Bwari for Kado where he wanted to tender complaints in the Bank.

At around 4 pm, she received a call (the caller used her husband’s number) and the person introduced himself and requested that her attention was urgently needed at the Utako Police Station.

Brekete Family.

At that moment, she sensed trouble had loomed but was not sure what really happened. She called her sister and gave her the details and she asked her to go to the Police Station before her.

As she was on her way, relatives from Lagos and Otukpo started to call her asking the whereabouts of her husband. She told them she received a call and some of those who called told her to be careful as it might be a kidnap case.

A few minutes later, she was called again by her husband’s cousin who informed her of his death. She lost control even while in the cab she boarded and went to the National Hospital where her sister and husband were waiting to receive her.

She asked to see her husband’s body but she was not granted access until 10:30 pm when she was permitted to see him. She described the state he was as bad because there was blood on his face and his brain stuck out.

Brekete Family.

Her brother-in-law told her that the Police officer that brought him requested for N25, 000 so he would be embalmed but at his refusal, he left angrily.

When she visited the Police station, the DCO informed her that the deceased slipped and hit his head but didn’t survive it. He then advised that an autopsy be carried out to verify the cause of death.

He suggested that the family brings a pathologist and that the Police will present theirs too. When she requested for his properties, they refused to release any including his phone up till this moment.

Since he was a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ), the body investigated and realized that the police had given false details regarding the death.

Brekete Family.

Online sources stated that during the protest, the Police shot one person (probably one of the protesters) and a passerby was shot in the head wherewith he died. Her attention was called to this by sympathizers who felt it was her husband that’s being referred to in the publications.

The IG Liaison to the Brekete Family chipped in and stated that Homicide cases are to be taken to CID. That is, cases related to loss of life should not be concluded at the judicial level.

According to him, it was wrong for the DCO to say that investigation was concluded because it was not taken to the necessary quarters. The complainant added that at the time his body was taken to the mortuary, it was documented that he was an accident victim.

Brekete Family.

When she realized it and disputed the claims, the file was rejected and they were asked to go to the Forensic Department so it could be clarified. On hearing this, the IPO attached to them wanted to dodge and he took permission to go ease himself but instead went to make a call.

On getting back, the Head of the Forensic asked who took the pictures that were presented, and the Officer said it was himself and a colleague. He was then told that the pictures were not clear enough to be fit for investigation.


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