The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah and Suleiman Abdulrazaq

Religion sentiments have been rooted in our society and it’s causing havoc to our development as a nation, the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah advice the Brekete Family to desist from any form of sentiments so that the country can move forward. He also enlightened our leaders to be up and doing and be proactive minded in the delivery of their promises to the masses and shun any form of nepotism or being selective in running the affairs of the government but rather use merit as a yardstick to choose those who will be in the helms of affair in Nigeria.

The Popular Actor Francis Duru

The Brekete Family

The Ordinary President made a powerful illustration on the Acting Academy that would be setup by the multiple high chief and popular actor Francis Duru and there was a resolution to use the academy to create jobs for the millions of unemployed youth in the country.

A Complainant
A Complainant

The representatives of Legal Aid Council was in the Brekete Family program and a lot of cases was treated so that they can have time to treat all the cases given to them and to solve all the problem people have been battling with for a long time and there was a very encouraging words from the representatives and promises have been made to solve all the issues as soon as possible.

The Representatives of Legal Aid Council
A Complainant

People showered encomium on the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah as he continued to be the voice of the voiceless and be a leader that is ready to do all things to make sure that anybody that cries will end up smiling back again and he responded that he is just an ordinary tool in God’s hand and he will do so till the end of his life.  


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