The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President condemned the alleged criminal acts involving officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and the unfair attitudes put up by officials of the Nigeria Police in the handling of arrested suspects.

While addressing listeners and viewers, he touched on the way and manner in which victims of detention are treated. He explained that many times they are left unattended to especially those whose offenses are considered minor.

These ones stay in detention for years without being tried or charged for any offense in court. While some become terminally ill, some others die unjustly.

Frank Mba, the Force PRO spoke in defense and said having suspected criminals in detention gives them pressure and costs them even more as they have to make provision for their feeding and wellbeing.  

Immediately he dropped the call, a Nigerian resident in Switzerland called in to air his complaints. He stated that he is usually embarrassed whenever he decides to take a trip to Nigeria.

Brekete Family.

According to him, he is married to a white woman and whenever he comes home with his family, the SARS official in Edo State, Benin precisely makes it a point of duty to extort unsuspecting travelers who are recognized to be coming from foreign countries.

He said he had experienced this form of embarrassment on three occasions where he is asked personal questions and suspected to be an internet fraudster. Fortunately, there were in attendance people who are witnesses to a similar experience.

It was alleged that these uniformed men sometimes go about with POS machines to defraud their victims of their earnings and even go as far as accusing them of getting involved in fraudulent activities.

In this regard, the Ordinary President called Frank Mba to give him an update on the report he received. Frank Mba promised to investigate it promptly and ensure that such acts come to a halt.

Letter of Request for Funds by NFF.

The NFF case of embezzlement and corruption was revisited. The second envelope tagged ‘Embezzlement of $2,395,000 FIFA Assisted Programme (FAP) Funds/Grants by the NFF in 2015’ includes letters written and vouchers for withdrawal of certain funds by NFF officials.

A letter of request was written to FIFA by NFF’s General Secretary, Dr. Muhammed Sanusi for the release of $2,395,000 for urgent ‘programs of the Federation’.

According to Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe, the former President of NFF, Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi refused to collect the money with the intention to accumulate it to make it sufficient for building and restructuring of the new Secretariat.

The money was supposed to be used for Youth and Women Football development, refereeing, soccer, events management, infrastructure, men’s competition, technical development, medical, planning and administration.

However, the money was not used for the stated purpose and within a few months, the money vanished into thin air. PWC was sent by FIFA to audit the account and it was not satisfied with what was gathered.

The audit company found out that the money was embezzled and not properly utilized according to the FIFA standard. In response to the query issued by FIFA, NFF Secretary wrote that the organization spent $150,000 to get furniture for the new secretariat, $100, 000 for the Super Eagles’ qualifier match; Swaziland versus Nigeria.

Tunde Aderibigbe disputed the claims and said it is a scheme to cover up their wrongs. On several occasions, money for furniture has been collected and it is not used. The secretariat is being used as an avenue to syphon money and the secretariat still remains without being properly equipped.

He also said that the other monies claimed to be disbursed for the match and other things were given to certain individuals. Also, NFF claimed to have sponsored it’s staff’s Computer Appreciation Training which is allegedly false because a written statement was presented where the witness stated that there was nothing like Computer appreciation Training.


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