The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Prayer is a key to life but after praying, what have you done to ensure that the prayer is answered. Note that God is powerful and He has given wisdom to everyone to do well in whatever field they find themselves.

Inasmuch as you are striving to get close and have a good relationship with Him, you should also show gratitude by making use of the resources He has deposited for the wellbeing of man. Many people would rather trust religious leaders than they would trust God. Asides prayer and every spiritual activity, God has given wisdom to men to tackle situations.

Brekete Family.

The rate at which poverty is eating deep into the Nigerian system is alarming. A video clip showing children on a very long queue scrambling for ‘who-knows-what-kind-of -food’.  Yes, Nigeria is large but a large number of people are languishing in poverty and nothing is being done to curb this.

The Government should please rise up to do what they have promised the masses. Asides from the government, anyone who is capable of making a difference should do it and put smiles on the faces of those suffering.

FCCPC Representative.

The representatives of FCCPC namely Peter Utazi, Bridget Etim and Olubunmi Oti wished the Brekete Family a prosperous New Year. Bridget Etim stated that it is important for consumers to take responsibility in the New Year.

She said that in 2019, N50 charge fee was enforced on consumers at pay points especially those who make use of the POS machines to make payments. According to her, the Central Bank of Nigeria has announced that the fee being charged is illegal and should no longer be allowed by the consumers.

In essence, this implies that Nigeria will get better the moment citizens recognize their rights and they live by it.

The Children
Their Mother.

Two children aged 12 and 8 respectively were allowed in the studio; they specialize in making baking pans, dustpans and whatever comes to their minds from scraps of aluminium.

Virtually every listener and viewer was wowed at the way the kids put their creative skills to work. The ordinary President promised to give them money to produce in mass so that an exhibition can be organized for them where well-meaning Nigerians will buy and the lives of these children will be made better.

Their mother said she sent them to learn this skill because she didn’t want them to go about roaming the street. One of the days they were arrested by Task Force because she allowed them to go into the trade without properly monitoring them.

The ordinary President frowned at their mother’s negligence in her duty. He then promised to pay Chef Fatima on her behalf so she will be a part of the training.  He also said he would take the responsibility of paying their school fees.


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