Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

It’s a new month and it is evident that the month has great opportunities to present to whosoever is willing to pursue it.

The month is fresh and so are the opportunities, it is wise to take advantage of whatever opportunity coming your way as it will not only help you but also give you an edge in whatever you choose.

Also, you should be thankful to God who has afforded you another opportunity to be alive and strong to witness a new month.

No matter how small an opportunity is, you should take a bold step and embrace it. When you start little with diligence, you will increase and spread through.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President called in on the program to address certain issues and he announced the official opening and commissioning ceremony of Dr. Robert Uzu’s (RUZU Herbal Clinic) which has been scheduled to hold today.

Dr. Ruzu.

The much-anticipated opening will feature checkups and free medical treatments including giving out diabetes supplements amongst others.

On security, he told listeners to be very mindful of where they keep their belongings because thieves will take advantage of the hot weather to carry out their proposed acts.

Brekete Family.

That is, at the moment, windows will be left open for proper ventilation and it is very easy to abscond with things as they have come up with convenient ways to rob their victims.

Asides that, he mentioned that a lot of people who are robbed of their belongings while on transit were drugged or hypnotized so that they barely remember whatever happened and if they do, it’ll probably be when the effect of the drug has worn out.


Mrs. Roseline Ahmed, a retiree whose money was not properly disbursed by ARM pensions has sought the help of the Ordinary President in helping her recover the money.

She retired in 2018 as a nurse but she had registered with the pension’s board in 1996 and she received her alert until 2010 when it stopped. She went back in 2012 to tender her complaints and she was told that she had retired.

Brekete Family.

She refused that and presented her work identity card. In 2017 when she went back, her picture was shown to her and they promised to help settle the issue.

She later discovered that there was another person bearing the same name and surname as her who probably has been the one accessing the money due to her. Also, the money her other colleagues got is more than hers.


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