Brekete Family Program is a talk magazine program that tackles human rights issues.

Federal Competition and Consumers Protection Council FCCPC featured on today’s program. Former governor of Kogi State, Captain Wada Idris is also present in the studio.

As of late, two Nigerians were captured in Saudi Arabia and wrongly blamed for being drug messengers, then, these drugs were planted in their packs by some drug cartels in Nigeria without their assent. The two who are Zainab Aliyu and an old man of around 80 years of age were captured and confined since December 2018 by Saudi authorities. The former was discharged after such huge numbers of tumults and challenges by Nigerians and numerous associations around the globe and after which her honesty was demonstrated. As per some unverified reports, the later was prior moved to an obscure jail however at this point with the Nigerian department in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that, his discharge has not been affirmed yet but rather we trust he’ll be discharged as the drug cartels have been captured.

Drug misuse has been on the ascent in Nigeria for about decades is as yet expanding. Numerous Nigerian adolescents want to mishandle distinctive sort of drugs and get high to complete a few sorts of unlawful activities, the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah began the program by illuminating and exhorting everybody on what drug misuse is and that it is so hard to stop when you get dependent on it. He additionally discussed the Xenophobia in South Africa.

The instance of a man, Mr.Abdullateef Lawal was heard, as per him, he was looted and his vehicle was grabbed by some outfitted burglars in Abuja around Sheraton Hotel December 2018. He conveyed his whine to Brekete Family as he can’t provide food for his 3 youngsters costs any longer. The ordinary president promptly requested Akaramakallah to give him 100 thousand naira and some nourishment stuffs, he again advised Akaramakallah to purchase a fresh out of the plastic new vehicle for this man as a contract buy. In any case, a guest called in from India, Blessing, a customary Brekete Family member, she guaranteed to pay for the man’s kids school expenses for a long time ahead of time. It was a contacting minute in the studio as many burst into tears.

Like I referenced before, the quick past governor of Kogi State, Captain Wada Idris is available in the studio to tell the open how he met Kogi State, what he left and his view on the current situation with the State. He took as much time as is needed to clarify in subtleties his own part and to strike an equalization, the present governor of the state will likewise be welcomed accordingly to likewise say his own part. Numerous Nigerians home and abroad additionally brought in to pose inquiries and add to the discussion.


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