The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The idea of public holiday is good but it becomes detriment to productivity if allowed to persist for long. Value should be added to productivity. There’s a difference between earning and deserving.

For you to deserve something, you must put effort into earning it. You don’t get paid for what you don’t work for. God has given us every opportunity to make use of everything He’s provided us with.

We shouldn’t expect Him to do it for us. We sure do have our part to play. Whenever ideas drop on your mind, you should do yourself the favor to write them down. Believe in your instinct so much that you want to work and make it a reality.

Not everyone is educated; for those who are not, they can voice it out so it would not be forgotten. Western literacy should not be used in measuring people’s success. Those who are not should be encouraged and never give up on themselves.


Aloysius is a dismissed police officer. He was dismissed on the 14th of April 1992. When asked why he waited this long to protest his undue dismissal, he responded by saying he took various steps but all that he did was to no avail.

The Ordinary President advised any civil servant who is mistreated by any agency he or she served should endeavor to pursue the case while it’s still fresh because once it tarries, it will be swept under the carpet.

The complainant stated that he met someone who told him at Force Headquarters that he has a solid case but nothing can be done to it since it happened years back.

Evidence of Trial.

On how his case got to the Brekete Family, Complete Package said it was his son who called in during one of the programs to inform beforehand his father’s plight. The man brought in a picture showing himself and his wife and an old radio.

One would imagine the relationship between the radio and the matter on ground. He said that was the radio that got him into trouble. He said he was accused of snatching a radio tape recorder from someone.

He was also tried in his absence; normally he should be tried and his signature should be appended on the document but this was not there. In other words, he was unlawfully tried and dismissed without hearing his side of the story.

Brekete Family.

The case started when he was a constable and the DPO saw that he had no case to answer. He was nominated and promoted to become a Corporal before he was dismissed.

According to him, the police decree does not permit anyone who is alleged to have committed an offense to be promoted. At the moment, he is working as security where he is paid N23, 000 monthly.

The Ordinary President promised to pay him N30, 000 monthly and pleaded with him to be understanding if it is consistent. He also promised to follow up until the aged man gets justice.


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