The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Yes, we all have choices to make one of which is working together to ensure that our dear Country Nigeria moves forward. The year is coming to an end in a few hours and everyone needs a sincere evaluation of what the year has been like and works towards making amends in the New Year.

The Ordinary President stated that he has forgiven everyone who offended him during the course of the year especially those who were suspended from the studio because their phones rang.

Brekete Family.

He also encouraged those he offended to forgive him not because he would love the relationship to continue but because he wants there to be a peaceful co-existence between the aggrieved parties. You should let go of the things that will not allow for progress in the New Year.

Holding a grudge is one of those things that can hinder one from attaining the heights God originally designed the person to reach. Sometimes in settling disputes, maturity on the part of the warring parties will go a long way in making the issue resolved.

The more you forgive the better your chances of receiving forgiveness from your creator. And a resolution should be done genuinely without ulterior motives. Relationships are worth keeping because you never can tell when help will be needed.


The Ordinary President showered encomium on the NFF whistleblowers that have taken out time and sacrificed everything humanly possible to see that Nigeria is sane again.

According to him, they have attended meetings where they were offered money in order to keep them quiet but they refused to compromise their integrity. These ones deserve national recognition but it seems more like the government is being silent on the issue forgetting that when hope is deferred, it causes discouragement.

Government and public offices should endeavor to reward people who have faithfully served and those serving because it would encourage them to deliver better services.

In other situations, if it were a poor man who allegedly embezzled these funds, he would have found himself behind bars while accepting his fate but our leaders enjoy ‘immunity’ at the expense of innocent citizens.


The management of NFF has caused more than the government on hearing issues regarding this association should jerk up to address it without delay. The government will release money for sports but it will be mismanaged and unaccounted for.  

In the documents presented, there was an issue of duplication. Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe recalled that money for return tickets was collected twice and that originally, FIFA is responsible for sponsoring footballers’ trips for their matches.


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