The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

As each new day breaks, opportunity is given to individuals to plan what tomorrow or what they expect of the future.

Planning requires a careful reevaluation of one’s actions and misdeeds while putting into consideration alternative routes that will foster productivity.

The Ordinary President expressed disgust over the extension of service chiefs who are presumed to be inactive but are still in service.

Dr. Ahmad Isah stated that lots of people have made money from the insurgencies and do not hope that it’ll end anytime soon.

Brekete Family.

Furthermore, he said it is very possible to believe that men of the Air force and the Nigerian Army are not working together to achieve results, instead it has become an avenue to siphon money from the government.

A veteran who had spent over five (5) years in the north east affirmed the statements made by the Ordinary President and added that the states being affected by insurgencies have become a huge source of income for some people who would not want it to end.

Also, if the Nigerian Army and the Air Force would put sentiments away and join forces to curb this evil invading the Nation. And he added that it’s only when Nigeria as a country is ready that all of these will be possible and progress will be achieved.

Brekete Family.

‘Lieutenant Colonel’ Akaramakallah called in during the program to inform the Ordinary President of the steps taken by the management of Mercy City Church in Warri against the Complainant, Matthew Ruth who alleged that her son got missing in the church compound.

This development drew speculations and thoughts from listeners and viewers because it looks like things are getting fishy.

The Pastor in charge of the Church has not honored the invitation made by the Ordinary President but instead sent delegates who stated their story.

Brekete Family.

It was gathered that there’s a plan to get the complainant arrested and detained while allegations of being the suspect is leveled on her.

The question asked by the Ordinary President was that, why would they have chosen to accuse her after she had taken up the case herself by reporting to the Brekete family?


The Rector of Auchi Polytechnic, Dr. Sanusi Jimoh was called to say his own side of the story so that mediating can be fair on the part of both warring parties. He stated that all of what Dr. Balogun said yesterday was all incorrect.

He rather added that when Dr. Balogun was a Deputy Rector, allegations were leveled against the then Rector of embezzling funds that were for members of staff.

When asked if it was true that he suspended the Chairman of the Council, he refuted the allegations and said he had no power to do that but that at some points, the chairman of the Council had issues with members and a meeting was called in his absence.

The Ordinary President then asked him to avail himself in the studio so that he can present relevant documents to back up his claims but that does not discontinue the current investigations.   


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