The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Whenever the issue of responsibility is discussed, it should not be pushed aside but rather be embraced and perceived to be words on marble.

Anyone who is referred or described as ‘responsible’ is sure to have responsibilities that he’s handling really well. As parents, it is good to give your children responsibilities so that they would learn to survive in the world where they find themselves.

Note that it is not every time they have issues they’ll call on you. Responsibilities should not be burdening and for those who are yet to inculcate the culture of responsibility in their kids, it is advisable that you do that gradually.

Brekete Family.

In this vein, the Ordinary President touched on the issue of addiction and breaking free from the vice. Addiction is defined as a habit or practice that damages, jeopardizes or shortens one’s life but when ceased causes trauma.

This connotes that being addicted to a particular behavior or practice is easy but trying to break free can have side effects. For instance, a young man is addicted to taking drugs to the point that the substances are abused by him.

When he gets to the point where he loses interest in the act, stopping it will take gradual processes; that is, it doesn’t happen within the blink of an eye. It takes time and moments of consultation and counseling sessions with an expert.

Brekete Family.

Also, note that when addiction is discussed, it is not limited to the use of harmful substances. It goes as far as every human behavior that mostly is unhealthy to one’s way of life thereby causing havoc from excessive practice.

For example, you might love to eat a particular meal despite being warned by a medical practitioner of the danger it poses to one’s health but you have chosen not to adhere.

As you consume this food, you feel good but the moment you feel like stopping, you realize that your body doesn’t feel normal because of the absence of what it has gotten accustomed to.

When a habit lingers and it’s time to stop, it’s important to go through the guidance of an expert who would help manage the effect and rehabilitate such person and disconnect him from his old peers who might still pressurize him to continue.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President encouraged Nigerians within and in the diaspora to say a few prayers for Nigeria and he also sought suggestions on how the country can be better again.

He warned against the use of vulgar words as he described such words as ‘unacceptable’ especially when you are trying to advise someone.

Suggestions were raised; for instance, religious leaders should stand for the truth and not take money from politicians who have looted funds.

Another suggested that there should be a travel ban on those who at every opportunity travel out for medical checkups but instead be made to use the available medical facilities.

Mother of the Deceased.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah announced the death of a member of the Brekete Family, Bolanle who worked at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce. He described her as a free-spirited woman who loved everyone.

She had no issues with anyone and was just as loved as she showed love to others. The Ordinary President commissioned her as a consultant when she was alive.

Her mum stated that her late daughter left legacies behind and she is proud of her even at death. She encouraged parents to train up their children so that they can benefit from the seeds they have planted.

The Deceased’s Friend.

She added that Nigerians should pray rather than curse the government. She appealed to the Ordinary President to help late Bolanle’s driver recover his money because he has five children.

She promised to play her part in supporting the driver but she needs Abuja Chamber of Commerce to pay his entitlement.

Also, late Bolanle’s friend; Oladiran Olayemi who stayed with her during the times she was in the hospital was appreciated because, during those times, she was threatened at work to be dismissed.

She was welcomed into the family after she promised to keep an over the deceased’s business.


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