The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President emphasized on the importance of living life well. He stated that ‘No matter how serious you take life, it is not possible to leave life as a living man’. Death is inevitable and it is one thing that shows that we are mortals and life cannot be lived forever.

He cited the instances of those who were guarded by heavily armed men but ended up dying. Note that having armed men around you does not avert death, every living soul will return to its creator. The important message is that you should live well because the way you live is what you will be remembered for in the future even after you are gone.

NFF Whistleblowers.

On the ongoing NFF matter, the Ordinary President allowed the whistleblowers to reintroduce themselves. Emmanuel Babayaro, Tunde Aderibigbe, and Coach James Peters are men who have at some points played important roles in the development of the Nigeria Football Federation.

These men saw that things are not going the way it should and they took it upon themselves to unveil all that’s hidden in the supposed organization. According to Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah, these men deserve international recognition but it seems like the government is quiet and not doing anything positive to see that it is properly addressed.

Mr. Tunde Aderibigbe has not been paid for about 23 months and is being offered money so that he would not be able to push the case further. Coach James Peters played key roles and he trained virtually every team in Nigeria but is not recognized.

Emmanuel Babayaro added that some of the tricks employed by footballers while on the pitch in recent times are skills used by Coach James Peters when he was a footballer.

The Court Order.
Court Order.

To the dismay of the listeners and viewers, the Ordinary President read out a court injunction issued by the FCT Judiciary. The letter read that the NFF case should not be aired via any medium especially on the Brekete Family Program.

Brekete Family.

The reading of the letter resulted into the emotional meltdown of a large number of those in the studio. A lot called in to encourage the Ordinary President who had earlier said he would give up on Nigeria.

After listening to words of encouragement from those who called especially from Elder Emma Okoro, the Ordinary President became encouraged. Elder Emma reminded him of the fact that people would tackle him but he should be strong because he would prevail over all that’s before him.  


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