Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Tuesdays are days when Brekete Family members are encouraged to make wise and appropriate choices; it’s called ‘Choose-day’. A popular saying goes, as you lay your bed, so you’ll lie on it. Whatever you desire to have should be chosen by you.

Choose what would not only add value to you but to other people that encounter or come around you.

This also pertains to children’s upbringing; that is, whatever you want from your children is a choice you have to make and that is what is expected of you to commit in their hands.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele and her team were around to expound on the issue of active listening as regards service delivery. The talk was tagged ‘benefits of active listening in service delivery’.

Lady Henrietta stated that ‘Active listening fosters understanding and empathy’. In other words, when active listening is activated, understanding becomes a visible phenomenon.

Listening should not be centered on service providers but should be extended to consumers or customers who are in dire need of satisfaction.

When both parties imbibe the act of listening, not only as effective communication taken place, trust is also built and it encourages consumers to make referrals to the service they are enjoying. That is, it births sustained engagement or relationship and customer service will be at its peak.

Brekete Family.

Quite a number of callers appealed to Madam Nnenna of SERVICOM to help address issues relating to electricity. Those who called had similar complaints against the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company.

They said many times, they don’t fulfill their part of the bargains especially when they are to release meters to those in need of it. There were complaints as regards billings; AEDC officials do not make use of the computer to calculate accurately, they disburse bills on the basis of status.

Madam Happiness shared that, a few years ago when she didn’t have a meter and these officials came around to look at her house, without delay, she was asked to pay a huge amount owing to the fact that she owns a ‘big’ house.

Madam Nnenna promised to look into it and call their attention to the grievances of their customers. Moreover, consumers were advised against violating officials who are about carrying out their duties. Every citizen is expected to be responsible.

Brekete Family.

Chika Obiora, the daughter to late Obiora Lucy who died in 2005 complained of her inability to access her late mother’s gratuity. She said her mother died when she was 14 years and she couldn’t do anything but her aunty helped.

As a minor, she was told that the money would be released so she came to Abuja in 2006 to present herself so she can be given the cheque but to her shock, up to this day, nothing has been heard about it.

Madam Nnenna encouraged her to persevere as the necessary bodies will be called to order to revisit the case. It seems the issue came up as a result of a reshuffling that took place in PTAD around that time.



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