The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah began by advising members of Brekete Family program to always update their knowledge stressing that the whole world is evolving with new ideas and discoveries, without updating, our knowledge what we have known for ages become obsolete.

The Representatives of UBER Drivers

A delegate from Abuja taxi drivers under the umbrella of “UBER” came to show appreciation to the Ordinary President for helping the union to fight the injustice that was matted out to them.

The Brekete Family

A widow from Lagos state brought a complaint against a church member in mountain of fire and miracle ministry for defrauding her of some amount of money. The Representatives from Legal-Aid Council and members of the Public Complaint Commission promise to help the woman recover the money courtesy of Brekete Family.

A Complainant

The MD of the  hospital was in the Brekete Family to  clear the air on the allegation leveled against his hospital for performing and appendectomy on one a patient who is currently suffering from complication that arose because the operation was not properly done. The Doctor said the girl indeed came to run some check on the hospital but the operation was not done there. The Ordinary President promised to investigate the matter to ensured that the right thing is done.

A Complainant and her Responded

It was very pathetic when a case of a widower against Dangote Group to Brekete Family alleging that one of their truck kill his wife on her way to village, and the case opened the eyes of the public to the ills of the society that widower also passed through after the demise of their wife. The Ordinary President in his magnanimity promised to help the man contact the company and also attend to his health issues.

The Widower

The representatives of a combined NGO in Nigeria made a presentation as regards the issue of feeding the needy in Nigeria.


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