The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Every living being is created for a purpose and fulfilling it is important. Meanwhile, on the journey to success, it’s good to put it at the back of your mind that not everyone you encounter will support your success.

So many people are tormented because of the pace at which you are moving to succeed. While you are pursuing your career, hone your skills and have a direction by discovering who you are. While it’s okay to have friends, it’s best to make friends who are like-minded and exert positive energy into whatever it is they are doing.

The results produced by the people you move with rub off on you because energy is infectious. Follow your course and be mindful of being tossed around like wind, in essence, be stable.


Several Police-related cases were attended to during the program. First is that of a young driver, Adamu who was shot on the leg because he refused to give money to Mobile Police officers, otherwise known as Mopol at the checkpoint.  

According to him, he was driving on that fateful day and there was traffic so they had to be passed. When it was his turn, he was asked to bring money and he told the officer he didn’t have as he only had 5 passengers on board.

The junior officer then directed him to tell the senior officer who was possibly supervising what was going on. Adamu said he explained to him and he turned deaf ears to his pleas. While he was pleading, he sprayed tear gas into his eyes and having done that, he shot him on the leg.

Brekete Family.

When the officer saw that he had fallen, he ordered other officers to get into their vehicle and they left the scene of the incident. Adamu recounted that it was passengers who helped him as he was bleeding and on getting to Katari, they were told it was beyond what they could handle thus referring him to Abuja.

He was reported to have bled profusely and passed out while he was rushed to Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital. The CP in Kaduna ordered that the Police should give him N20, 000 monthly which they have not been faithful to do. The young man’s leg is in a very bad state and if care is not taken, the worse might happen.

Brekete Family.

A serving police inspector was also was run into by a moving vehicle in Niger state and has been abandoned. He has a fractured leg and nothing has been done to assist him. He said his duty basically entails attacking armed robbers and he is the head of the unit.

He explained further that he works with his team at night as that is the time the men of the underworld choose to extort and carry out their evil agenda. He was taken to General Hospital for three weeks after which the management of the hospital told his wife that there was no available doctor to attend to him and that he should be taken for local treatment.

According to him, himself and his wife has spent all their savings on the treatment of the fractured leg and the Police Insurance is yet to respond to any of his petitions.


Abubakar Issa from Katsina State was also dismissed from service after 15 years of working without having issues for 5 years and 4 months. From his description, it is evident that he has undergone several training while in active service.

While he was on duty during the election in Kano, he was involved with controlling traffic so there can be easy flow on the road. In a short while, a car drove by and the driver who was later recognized to be a police officer, DSP Shehu was on call and didn’t pay attention while driving.

Unfortunately for him, the vehicle coming behind him hit his car. The DSP was said to be guilty as he was not focused on his driving but he wanted to use his position to wave his guilt, so he asked Abubakar to level the allegation on the other driver.

His refusal to do that cost him his job and according to him, he was tried in absentia and dismissed immediately which is contrary to the police order.

Also, a Police officer, Sergeant Muhammed was said to have been involved in an accident where he was the only survivor. The accident happened in 2011. The police have done their part but NHIS has not contributed their quota to ensuring that he is able to get adequate and quality treatment.

The Present state of the Leg.

According to him, in 2011 on his way home from EFCC, his duty post, he alongside two others was involved in an accident, others died and he survived. He appreciated the efforts of the Force PRO, Frank Mba.

In response, the NHIS representative said that if a case is not reported to them, it is very hard to address such issues. But in the Policeman’s case, the representative said his case is naturally not supposed to pose any challenge. That is, there’s something fishy.


Fatima Shuaibu’s son was born with a cleft lip and pallet but underwent surgery for the cleft lip. Her husband is an NHIS enrollee and at the time when her son would go for the second surgery, it was discovered that he had a heart problem.

Nevertheless, the surgery was to take place at the Garki Hospital with qualified specialists. But on getting there, the mother was told that NHIS did not cover the surgery so it didn’t take place.

In defense, the representative of the NHIS said the scheme did not cover congenital disorder. In the long run, a consensus was reached and it was agreed that the child is brought back so the needful can be done.


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