Comfort Okpere (Complete Package).

The excitement of the New Year is still on the high and everyone will be doing themselves good if the year is lived with a positive outlook in view. You have the opportunity to plan ahead and you should put in mind what you would love to achieve throughout the year.

To achieve positive results, you should stay positive and do things without ulterior motives. The way you live the first month of the year is what you’ll carry through to other months and possibly end the year with. The best part is that the year is still young and plans can be tailored in the right direction.

Brekete Family.

Brekete Academy

The Brekete Academy is known to deliver excellent results and will not stop until it has achieved the purpose it was created for. It provides opportunities for interested individuals to have backup plans; that is you should have something outside your career that’s sure to put food on your table.

The Academy boasts of qualified hands who work together to see that the dream is achieved. Mind you, it is not only for those who are working, but those who are seeking jobs can also make the most of the opportunity presented on a platter of gold.

Brekete Family.

It is better to do it now than postpone to another time when you are not sure what awaits you. Below are the list of trainings and the phone numbers to be contacted. For further information, the website is accessible.

Brekete Academy.
  1. Website Design Training – 09050383911
  2. Food and Bakery Training – 08036448901
  3. ICT Networking Training – 08035303418
  4. Paint and 3D Fixing Training – 07033916633
  5. CCTV and Inverter Training – 08154453060
  6. Satellite Installation Training – 08170922532
  7. Mini Importation Training – 07085160694
  8. Photography Training – 09018164846
  9. POP Ceiling Installation Training – 08028320657
  10. Gele and MakeUp Training – 08087213045
  11. Micro Business Training – 08092897290
  12. Phone and Laptop Repair Training – 08034174209
  13. Electronically Inventory Management – 08061195432
  14. Scaffolding Training – 08033203743
  15. Access Control Training – 09075731473
  16. Duvet Training – 09092822333
  17. Sound Technology Training – 08052535391
  18. Computer Engineering Training – 08188646666
  19. Ankara and Leather Works – 08028228932
  20. Fish and Barbecue Training– 07061874474


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