Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Idleness is not an ideal characteristic of anyone who wants to live a successful life. Hard work will put you on your desired radar. Whatever you choose to do for a living should be done well.

Also, note that every individual you’ll encounter during this time are relevant and have specific roles to play while you are pursuing your desired life. No matter how menial their jobs are, they are important and should not be disregarded.

PCC Representatives.

In the company of Mr. Emma Ugbuaja and Barrister Ewah was Mr. Philip Enyanle who is the Director of Investigations in Charge of Private Sectors in the Public Complaints Commission.

He said his department handles complaints against private-owned companies; cases like unlawful dismissal, non-payment of dues amongst other possible allegations. He said some private sectors do not meet up with paying members of staff at due times.

Some would not even give proper treatment to those who are injured. He then stated emphatically that it is pertinent for complainants at the point of reporting to speak the truth because that will help PCC officials to investigate the cases dutifully. 

Brekete Family.

He further advised against getting involved in businesses without adequately making inquiries. Also, complainants should not always come with expectations that they’ll win whatever case they present, they should expect the worse as it might not be to their advantage.

Officials of the Public Complaints Commission have advised complainants to always express gratitude when their issues have been resolved. According to Mr. Philip Enyanle, when complainants give feedback or updates on their cases, it will afford the commission the opportunity to focus on other cases in need of attention.

Many times, those who come to complain about non-payment of salaries, gratuities or pensions find it very difficult to return to give updates on the state of the issue after PCC must have delved into it.

Brekete Family.

He cited an instance from the Holy Book and said people should not be like the 9 lepers who failed to show appreciation after they were healed. 

There were discussions centered on the decision of the National Assembly officials to suspend the plenary session for two weeks.

From deliberations, it is unfair to citizens because it looks like the fate of everyone is hanging to the decisions made by the National Assembly especially in a critical time when the COVID-19 is dreaded the most.

Some concluded that these ones are too selfish to even put into consideration the interest of those they’re governing.


Olaide Adebayo from Ogbomosho complained about how he was battered by a police officer which eventually led to his partial loss of sight. He was a student at Osun State College of Education where he studied Economics and Mathematics.

About three months to the end of his course, as he went about his usual lifestyle; that is, he had a motorcycle that’s being used for commercial purposes, he met his waterloo.

He added that he was on his way from the farm when he met police officers who attacked him after he had explained where he was going to. He was hit with the butt of a gun on his eyes.

Brekete Family.

He said, ‘one eye is totally blind and the other is 6 over 36 and I can’t see properly’. The officer threw him inside the bush and he was unconscious. He was rejected at different hospitals.

Unfortunately for the officer, his identity card dropped at the scene but one of the complainant’s relatives unknowingly gave it to officers. He spent about 18 months in the hospital until he was able to see with one of the eyes.

Charges were pressed against the Nigerian Police Force and the court ruled in his favor and NPF was asked to compensate him with N20 Million naira but nothing has been given to him.


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