The Brekete Family

Today’s program started with the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah giving advice for us not to forget our culture and we should imbibe them in our children so they can grow with it. He also advised us to teach our children that they are leaders of today not just tomorrow and we should also give them a sense of responsibility so that they can have a brighter future.

The Ordinary President talked about the Xenophobia issues going on in South Africa, with the way South Africans are killing Nigerians and other African descents and also destroying their businesses and properties.

Videos were shown and some pictures were displayed based on the recent attacks going on and also comments made by some South African leaders were perused.

Phone lines were opened for the Brekete Family members both in Nigeria and diaspora to bare their minds on the xenophobic matters.

An advice was given to Nigerians to shun violence and reprisal attacks on South African businesses and personnel, and also allow peace to reign.


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