The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Man was created to fulfill a purpose and God has created everything needed to fulfill the purpose. You will be doing yourself more harm than good if you subject yourself to nothingness when your maker has not done so to you and does not even perceive you in that manner. Do not rid yourself of the knowledge God bestowed on you and become ignorant.

Growth happens naturally but mental growth happens as a result of commitment and being intentional about it. To foster mental growth, it is sometimes required that we meditate and ponder on why things are the way they are and how they are supposed to turn out.

Meditation creates mental awareness and strikes consciousness in humans. Meditating does not have to take a long time, most times all you need for a successful meditation is ample time dedicated to doing it.

Brekete Family.

Meditation calms your nerves and keeps you on your toes, thus opening your eyes to see gaps expected of you to fill.

Eating healthy is equivalent to healthy living.  When you eat nutritious meals according to what the body requires, you are guaranteed to be free from terminal illnesses.

Peradventure the illness shows up, you should promptly seek medical attention before it becomes worse and can no longer be managed. In recent times, people have traded seeking medical help to going for spiritual attention.

This act is not condemned but note that whatever requires medical attention should be given adequately. Prayers will work when the right things are done.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President has encouraged women to love themselves irrespective of what the world hurls at them. He said this when he was evaluating what women do to their co-women who are widows.

In the Eastern region of Nigeria, there’s a somewhat barbaric practice engaged in to subject the widow to emotional trauma. It is said that the body of the deceased is washed and the water is given to his widow to drink as a proof of innocence to having a hand in her husband’s death.

According to reports, women are at the forefront of carrying out the act on a co-woman who is supposed to be mourning. The act is just a form of torment and it is high time that women stopped being an instrument to another woman’s pains and hurts.

Brekete Family.

Women should be able to stand up for each other and give shoulders to lean on. Widows should not be treated as non-entities in their husbands’ homes. They got married for a purpose and death should not be permitted to put an end to it inasmuch as the other partner is alive.

All she needs is the support and love from everyone around her. She is worse hit when she is told of the intention or plan to take all that she built with her husband. She shouldn’t be victimized whatsoever. Do men go through these pains women are subjected to as widowers?


Mrs. Tella, a widow who made her first appearance to the studio on the request of the Ordinary President in a bid to help her and her family get her late husband’s gratuity.

Before death, he served with the Nigeria Police and according to Damania Tella who had initially tendered the complaint, the family was not given anything after the death of the late Inspector.

The Nigeria police agreed to look into the matter and they arrived at the fact that the money was paid in 2015 to IBTC Pensions Managers but the latter is yet to release the money. A police officer accompanied the family to the IBTC office and it was agreed that they should return after five working days.

We hope something positive comes out of this. The widow disclosed that she’s been accused by members of her family of collecting the money and squandering it.

NFF Documented Evidence.

The last contents of the second NFF envelope were revealed and discussed. It was discovered that the management of NFF has compromised so much that looting and converting an organization’s money has become the order.

It was alleged that a whooping sum of $79,000 was requested to be used for a seminar for state FA chairmen but was diverted and the seminar did not at any point hold.

Asides that, Tunde Aderibigbe mentioned that FIFA has refused to release any more monies because of the several mismanagement of funds said to be going on in NFF.


Also good to note that on several occasions those involved in the looting of funds have been probed but the cases were not tried in the court of law so in essence, the cases have been swept under the carpet or possibly buried with no intentions to be revisited.

Also, the officials in question were said to have collected money aimed at sponsoring Nigeria versus Burkina Faso match but the money was diverted. In fact, the match was said to have been played in Rivers state and was already taken care of by the government.

FCCPC Representatives.

FCCPC was represented by Mrs. Bridget Etim and Mr. Peter Utazi. Mrs. Bridget advised consumers to be conscious of what they but during the festive season because there will be lots of counterfeits on sale. She also warned against extortionists whose sole aim is to defraud consumers.

Be sure of what you want to buy and it is even better to make a list before leaving home to prevent impulse buying. She finally encouraged cases of extortion should be reported to FCCPC.


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