The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President has appealed to every Government parastatal on the importance of being effective. The government-owned parastatals are created to carry out special tasks with regard to the welfare of the citizens.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah’s statement sounded more like a wakeup call to them as it seems like they are slacking in carrying out their duties. The truth is, these offices are paid for what they are supposed to carry out as duties but it is sad to note that they put their interests before those of the citizens.

Brekete Family.

Being effective should be of utmost concern to them as it will aid productivity in a country. For instance, the Health sector in Nigeria is way backward in terms of equipment acquisition.

Dialysis machines are not supposed to be scarce because of the necessity in a country. He advised the government to stop any inter-country flight from Nigeria to China and vice-versa because, if there’s an outbreak in Nigeria today, it is not guaranteed that people will get adequate treatments.


Retired Inspector Usman Dauda, who served in the Nigeria Police Force for 35 years, that is, 1st December 1980- 1st December 2015 alleged that the Force denied him access to his full gratuity.

He said while his other colleagues received N6 Million, he was allocated N3.8 Million. The unfortunate thing is that he was not even given all the money that he’s entitled to; he was given N1.9 Million.

He was asked why he didn’t complain when such case was on, he said the first attempt he made was rebuffed and he was told to sign and come back to make complaints.


As part of his contribution towards development and humanitarian services, the Ordinary President gave opportunity to a lady from Akwa Ibom state to narrate and share her experiences.

She said the tumor growth began in 2007 and it grew so big that it covered her chest. In 2013, the first surgery took place but it became worse afterward. In 2016, a team approached her with the promise to help her with a series of surgeries so she can have her face and be confident.

Her father was against it but she implored him to let her go because he already had spent a fortune while taking care of her. She followed them eventually and was always going with them in a bid to raise funds for the surgery.

According to her, the stress usually affects her that she’ll begin to bleed and pass out. One day, she met the CEO of an NGO who took her to AIT where money was contributed to the surgery.

Brekete Family.

She underwent three surgeries again and the growth continued. She had to go back to raise money as what she’ll need for the next surgery is N5 Million and the surgery was to take place outside the shores of Nigeria.

She processed her passport and tried reaching the person who promised to help her but it seems the person had a change of mind and decided to allow the treatment to take place at the National Hospital, Abuja.

Amidst all of that, every effort to reach the woman has proven abortive as there’s no more show of support for her and she has been squatting in a taxi driver’s house.

The ordinary President called a surgeon; Dr. Amina Abubakar who promised to make an effort to ensure she undergoes treatment. Before the end of the program, a Doctor had been sent to take her for an extensive checkup.


Mrs. Shuaibu Ajuma said her son Emmanuel traveled to Philippines in a bid to pursue his boxing career but was reported to have been found dead in his apartment. She received a call from his friend, Joseph Owolabi who informed her that he could not find his friend but days later was found dead in his house.

His body was moved to a morgue but access was not granted to the friend to even see the state of the corpse. She said that every effort to get him to take pictures was abortive as he came up with excuses claiming that they mortuary attendants didn’t grant him access.

At some point, she told those whom she’s been communicating with to help transport his corpse but they have at different times suggested that the body cremated and the ashes sent to her in Nigeria. She refused this and said she’ll bear the cost of transporting it but ever since there’s been no response.


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