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Having gone through the pains of learning within the four walls of a classroom, you should note that the training that takes place in the home plays a very important role in the life of an individual.

Whatever a child learns within the home is what he’ll give off to society as an end result.

Brekete Family.

As important as that is, note that most of the lessons taught in school are theory-based and the reality of these comes when one gets into the real world where you get to be practical with your approach.

If it were not so, the things we admire today would not be in place. For instance, the computers, airplanes were at some point taught theoretically but after a while, they became visible and physical.

Whatever you learn, do well to put into practice because it births perfection.


Mr. Peter Utazi and Mrs. Bridget Etim from FCCPC frowned at the level at which some Nigerians choose to make use of every opportunity to hike prices when there’s an epidemic or breakout.

For instance, it was noted that as a result of the COVID-19 breakout, some business people have increased the prices of hand sanitizers which in the long run might not be affordable for the common citizens but will only be for the rich.

Mr. Peter Utazi also touched on electricity problems in the country. He appealed to AEDC officials to please regulate the power supply as they put the hot weather into consideration. He advised citizens against abusing officials violently.


A widow known as Mrs. Hannatu Peter complained of how irresponsive the Nigeria Police has been to her plea for her late husband’s gratuity.

Though at the time he died, the family was given N200, 000 for welfare but his entitlements have not been released to the family.

Akaramakallah encouraged her to be strong as she watches over her children because her case will be presented to the necessary quarters and she will be attended to adequately.


  1. abez Bawa March 5, 2020 at 9:57 pm
    Akaramakallah please Sir I want to speak with you directly. I want to know the modalities in partnering with you on BREKETE FAMILY TAXI SCHEME.


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