The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President advised that no one should be disregarded because you can’t tell the dimension life will take tomorrow.

He also appreciated all the Brekete Academy tutors and the effort they put in place to instill knowledge into the lives of their students and those they encounter. He described each of them as faithful stewards who give room for improvement and are always ready to learn and deliver their best even at inconvenient times.

He further stated that the Academy is loaded with affordable opportunities that are offered on a platter of gold as opposed to other places where these opportunities are expensive to get.

Brekete Academy.

He then encouraged everyone who has at some point taken advantage of the good things the Academy offers to continue to be better at what they have learned as this will give them an edge over their counterparts.

And to those who are pondering on whether to take up the privileges or not, he advised them to make hay while the sun is still shining. As he mentioned the names of each of the facilitators, he applauded their areas of strengths and listed some of their weaknesses to help them realize the point where they need improvement.


A widow named Halima Danjuma who lost her husband in 2014 came in the company of her daughter, Zainab. She said her husband died on the day he was promoted at work. Till his death, he served with the Nigeria Police Force and he just got promoted to the rank of an Assistant Superintendent of Police.

She narrated that he was on the farm when he received a call from a colleague of his who told him he had been promoted but the same person called that his name was not on the list; he suggested that he could buy his way through to being promoted.

She said on a later day at around 10 pm, he was called that he had been promoted and that it calls for a celebration. He told his wife that he didn’t have transport fare and she gave him N500. She said that was the last she saw of him.

Brekete Family.

The next day as she went about her usual business, she was told that her husband was dead. On getting to the Police station in Mabushi, she overheard a Fulani Police officer telling someone else that the deceased officer was killed but he was stopped from saying anything more.

Later she disclosed that she went to buy meat when she tried striking a conversation with the meat seller who didn’t know she is the wife of the allegedly murdered Officer.

He mentioned that since the deceased who had formerly worked in the Presidential Villa for 11 years was transferred to Mabushi, the DPO had not received returns as he used to. In essence, it is alleged that the late Officer was murdered. He was described as hardworking and that since he got deployed to work there armed robbery cases have reduced.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President said he would ensure the investigation process continues and he promised to sponsor the widow and her daughter at the next Food processing training by Chef Fatima and afterward give her N100, 000 as capital.

To the surprise of everyone in the studio, someone else whose mum had been through such experience offered to pay the money.


Mr. Sylvanus whose daughter was abducted by his neighbor came in the company of his wife and the recovered girl to show gratitude. He showered encomium on the Ordinary President for the efforts he put in place to see that his family’s joy is restored.  

He also appreciated the Inspector General of Police, Abubakar Muhammed and DCP Abba Kyari, the famous Police Officer who is known and recognized for his hard work. Mr. Abba Kyari is the officer in charge of the Intelligence Response Team and has recorded success in many operations.

According to Mr. Sylvanus, the daughter before being found had already been sold to five people and was later found in Aba. She was reunited with her parents yesterday.

NFF Complainants.

As regards NFF, the Brekete Family Talk Magazine and Reality Program hosted a former international footballer, Taribo West who after retirement got a call into ministry and is currently a Pastor.

Also, the former President of NFF, Sani Lulu Abdullahi was present to clear the air and tell the world his side of the story.  Pastor Taribo West commended the management of Human Rights Radio and the Brekete Family at large.

He stated that football is a uniting force that defies ethnicity difference; it is in football that you see people of different profession coming together to achieve a single aim.

He promised to do his findings and return to share whatever he discovers. He attested that NFF is an abode of corruption and that can be seen from the fact that ex-international footballers are not reckoned with anymore.

Pastor Taribo West.

Tunde Aderibigbe added that his contact in Aljazeera informed him that Amaju Pinnick had bought the story off in order for the media house to be silent about it. Etuk Bassey who works for Aljazeera disclosed this to him and since then has cut communication with Tunde Aderibigbe.

Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi expressed his gratitude to God and for the privilege to be live on the program. He was the last NFA chairman and the first NFF President. He corrected a ‘wrong’ impression as regards NFF’s change of name.

According to him, the change of name from NFA to NFF was as a result of a request by FIFA. He explained that NFA operated under Decree 101 which was in turn not favorable to the operations of FIFA.

Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi.

And in a bid to be able to work alongside FIFA, there was a need to adopt the statutes of FIFA and that would not be achievable with NFA so there was a need to change the name. It was approved in 2006 in Port Harcourt and has been operative since then. 

As president of NFF, he listed his achievements and said being a footballer helped him to see through the eyes of those he was serving and he was able to achieve his mandate.  

At the time he assumed duties as President of NFF in 2006, the organization had incurred a debt of about N300 Million but at the end of his tenure, he helped in clearing the debt, delivered his full mandate and left 2.8 Billion Naira in the NFF account.


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