The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Value refers to that which is highly esteemed, such as morals or belief system. The moment values are thrown away, you would realize that there’ll be lots of havoc that’s already been caused.

When you stick to whatever you believe in, no one would manipulate or take advantage of you because you are stuck with it and the way you cherish it, it cannot be taken away from you.

Conscience and values are intertwined because when a value is thrown away, conscience will also give way; that is, it would be missing and the person will just wreak havoc without knowing putting to mind the consequences.

Every individual has a name to protect and it is our responsibility to protect it. Whatever you do and however you do it, you are representing your family and you have a choice to either do it well or not.

Brekete Family.

As a citizen of a country, you should represent your country well and that involves being a patriotic citizen of whatever nationality you belong. Patriotic behavior includes being able to expose the ills and not aiding and abating evil and unjust practices.

As one who holds in high esteem his values and or beliefs, it is important to also note that you should do what is acceptable. That is, do not be involved in illegal deals; treat people with respect so you can get such and even more in return.

Do not take laws into your hands and be reminded that every action is accompanied by a reaction. In other words, if you misbehave, it is pertinent that you suffer the consequences of your ill-behavior.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary President further expounded on the ill-treatment meted out to officers of the Nigerian Police Force. These men wear themselves out in order to deliver positively to the Nation in which they are dedicated to serving but they are not treated fairly in return.

Many of them are given peanuts at the end of their services while others are denied any form of enjoyment. He then enjoined everyone present, listeners and viewers to try as much as possible to be kind to any policeman that’s encountered on their way at any time. This gesture will go a long way to putting smiles on some faces that’s long been denied cheerful moments.

He emphasized that this does not mean the body is not made up of the bad eggs. They sure do have those who are not representing well; they’ll reap what they planted in good time too. Here is it, before you judge a policeman, try to put in mind all he’s gone through to reach the point he’s at the moment.


Despite being appraised by Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah, there are lots of reservations to issues related to the Nigerian Police Force. Whilst some officers work to mold, some others work to destroy and tarnish the good name being represented.

A man named Chinedu Eze was allegedly indicted by a supposed Police Officer and this landed him in prison for 14 years. According to him, he used to be a driver in 2005 and served in the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN).

In December 2005, a man named Bala Dodo walked into their office in company of a uniformed Police officer named Isaac and asked to be given a driver who would drive him to Sokoto and he needed someone who could drive for long hours.

In response to his request, Chinedu was attached to him and they chose a date to embark on the journey after every registration. On getting to Sokoto, policemen at the checking point stopped the vehicle and demanded the particulars which Bala Dodo presented.

They then asked for custom duty of which he told them he could not present because it was not their duty to request such document. At that moment, a hot argument ensued and Bala was slapped by an Officer and he didn’t hold back from returning the slap.

There was turmoil and not minding the Police escort on the journey with them, they were taken to the Police Station. Chinedu said that he explained to them that he is but a driver and should be released but they refused to even after contacting his office to confirm that he was sent on an errand.

At the end of the day, they were all referred to Force Headquarters Abuja on 5th December, 2005. He remained in Police Custody for a month.

According to him, one night at around 1 am, he was taken out of the cell by some Police officers who told him that they knew he is innocent but they would like him to help them so he can be freed and that his refusal to do so will land him in trouble.

They told him they’d like him to join them in indicting the Police escort; Isaac and allege that he killed Bala Dodo who was at that time dead. Chinedu refused to do so and he was pushed back in the cell. After two days, he and Isaac were taken to court and charged with Conspiracy, Culpable Homicide and Armed Robbery.

The judge ruled that they are remanded in Kuje Prisons. All efforts put in place by his co-workers to reach him proved abortive as they were told by the police that the case had been transferred.

The interesting thing is that while in Prison, he was able to further his studies and graduate from the National Open University of Nigeria with a degree certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

According to him, he spent 14 years in prison while awaiting trial and the case was revisited on the 2nd May, 2019 when he was discharged and acquitted. He said that he went to jail with only his Primary School Certificate to boast of but now he is a graduate and most importantly he is grateful to God who kept him through the dark periods.

He recalled that while in prison, he was able to write 7 books which are still unpublished. He also wrote about 150 songs and this unique gift gave him an edge even in jail because many officers developed a keen interest in his character and all that he stands for.

He made a statement that blew many people’s minds. He said he is not willing to press charges against anyone who indicted him but he has forgiven every one of them especially his supposed IPO Abazie Emmanuel who encouraged him to lie against Isaac.

He said Isaac is still in Prison. The Ordinary President was moved by his story and he said efforts will be made to reach Abazie and make sure he pays for what he did years back.

Today can be said to be a day of a turnaround for him because a song on his album was played on-air and many people showed love by contributing money to encourage him in the pursuit of his career.

His story is one of the hundreds of similar cases; many are also unlawfully detained and made to rot in jail without giving them a fair hearing. Emmanuel Babayaro suggested that the Nigerian Police should issue a public apology to the man and compensate him in return. Chinedu said God had already compensated him because he gave him more than he thought he could ever have.

One of the Complainants.

It is true that many bankers are no longer passionate about their job description. This was confirmed after the failed armed robbery attack on First Bank of Nigeria in Mpape where it was gathered that the mastermind is an officer in the Bank.

While this is true, one can also confidently say that those who were career-minded were not fairly treated by the banks they worked for and many of them were dismissed by the banks they served.

The Ordinary President promised to visit the case during the program tomorrow. Those who had the opportunity to speak came all the way from Lagos and they shared their heart-rending experiences. They all suffered losses just because they chose to pursue their career and give their all to it.


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