Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Akaramakallah joined everyone present in welcoming Comfort Okpere (Complete Package) from her trip. She had traveled to bury her late mother. He then advised everyone present to do well because it’s whatever anyone does that will be recalled after his departure.

Death is inevitable and no one has any idea when it will come. It is good to note that you should not make life difficult for anyone around you. As scary as the topic of death sounds, it is no respecter of man and everyone should prepare for it as it can come anytime as appointed by the Creator Himself.

Brekete Academy.

The final series of training for the year 2019 courtesy the Brekete Academy is listed below but detailed information as regards these trainings can be found on the website www.breketeacademy.com

  1. 3D Animation– 08107712234
  2. Website Design Training – 09050383911
  3. Food and Bakery Training – 08036448901
  4. ICT Networking Training – 08035303418
  5. Paint and 3D Fixing Training – 07033916633
  6. Photography Training – 09018164846
  7. POP Ceiling Installation Training – 08028320657
  8. Gele and MakeUp Training – 08087213045
  9. Phone and Laptop Repair Training – 08034174209
  10. Electronically Inventory Management – 08061195432
  11. Scaffolding Training – 08033203743
  12. CCTV Installation Training- 08154453060
  13. Fish Grilling and saucing Training- 08029968372
  14. Access Control Training- 09075731473
  15. Organic Skin Care Training- 08092897290
  16. Online Business and Skills Training- 07085160694
Brekete Academy Student and Father.

The saying that “distance is not a barrier” is indeed true. This was proven by Nicholas Kofi who is a Ghanaian but took the privilege and advantage of the opportunities being offered by the Academy.

He said while in Ghana, his father who has been in Nigeria for about 9 years called to inform him about the training. He initially attended the ICT Networking training after which he participated in the Phone and Laptop Repair training.

According to him, he has nothing to regret and has recorded a huge success. He encouraged Nigerians and his friends in Ghana to grab the rare opportunities because it’s more affordable in Nigeria, especially in Brekete Academy than it is in his homeland Ghana.

He appreciated his father for putting together the resources and making them available for him to enroll in these trainings.


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