The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

So many people are comfortable staying around those they believe they are better than until they meet those who are more exposed and intelligent than they are. He is used to carrying himself with an aura of arrogance and pride oozing all over him until he becomes humbled by his superior.

When you develop on your leadership qualities, you respect views and value those around you irrespective of the age or status. No matter how talented you are, if you leave it obsolete, you are on the verge of crashing.

In this regard, you should be opened to learning and explore even as you get involved in seminars, symposiums that gear you to become better in your field of specialization. When you start well, you should work on finishing well.

Brekete Family.

Also, the high rate of kidnapping in the country calls for the utmost concern. As citizens, you are advised to be security conscious. Be careful enough so that you would not be a victim of kidnap.

Different techniques are employed by kidnappers these days. While some of them would make use of public transport to carry out their evil acts, some others have chosen to employ a more tricky strategy which they are sure would work for their victims.

They emotionally blackmail their victims either by pretending to get involved in a pitiable situation that will attract emotionally weak people and at the end of the day, they succeed in their plans.

To achieve this, some of them use children and make them cry to call the attention of sympathizers who would at the end be a victim.


A complainant named Franca Anyanwu shared a story of how her neighbors encroached on her landed property. She and her husband acquired land in kurunduma village; an undeveloped area, built and moved into their house in 1999.

Due to the underdevelopment, there were creepy animals and reptiles all around them. After a while, a decree was given and it benefitted the indigenes or the natives of the village and to be on the safe side after spending a lot to build on the land, they decided to sell the house to a native of the village.

A neighbor who is a native of Calabar built a structure that encroached on her land and the person she sold the main building to also build another that she has little space to move around and into the apartment where she stays.

The Ordinary President called for intervention and he contacted Mr. Mukhtar Galadima; Director of Development Control who promised assuredly that he would figure it out.

Brekete Family.

Mrs. Lillian Obeta was running a boutique business in Zuba until the shop was raided and her goods were carted away. Fortunately for her, the culprits were successfully nabbed by the Men of the Nigeria Police.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that they had sold the goods to another person. The person in question was met and was informed of the involvement of the culprits in a shady business.

Her Husband.

She was implored to release the goods but refused and said she’ll instead give the complainant the sum of N400, 000 to start afresh.

Mr. Hillary Obeta confirmed the story and added that every effort to get the Police to intervene in this issue has been abortive. He also said the Police told them to negotiate and reach a consensus with the person who bought the stolen goods.


The relatives of Sergeant Abdullahi Ahmed, a police officer who was killed by his colleague came around to seek justice for the death of their dear brother.

The immediate younger brother, Ahmed Aminu said a week to his brother’s death; he received a call from their mother that his late brother had been bitten by a snake while on camp in Kebbi State.

The Ditch the Deceased was thrown into.

A week later, they received reports that the deceased was nowhere to be found and that effort to reach him was futile. The brother said he called the Commander in charge of his unit and it was confirmed that he had been missing and that he might have probably gone out with a woman.

In a bid to get to the root of the matter, he implored the commander to visit the place they were all kept. On getting there, the commander was instructed to check for a ditch as there were speculations that the deceased and one of his colleagues were not in good terms.

Brekete Family.

Muhammed Abdullahi, a junior colleague and the culprit responsible for the death of this gallant officer claimed that he gave the deceased N10, 000 to pay a visit home but he was not even at home.

The culprit later confessed to his own father the offense he committed and ran away. It was gathered that both of them disagreed at some point and the culprit shot at the deceased twice while he was praying after which he buried him in a ditch.

Brekete Family.

The complainant added that he got in touch with the Deputy Commissioner of Police who followed him alongside other officers to locate the site of burial and track his phone.

After trying, they finally were able to exhume the body after 15 days of being killed. Investigations revealed that the culprit engaged the services of two other officers who might have assisted in digging the ditch but the problem is that these ones have been reinstated into the Nigerian Police Force but the culprit is on the run.

It was also gathered that the bullets used in killing him were from his gun and while documenting, it was noted that two bullets were missing from his rifle.


A woman whose son was shot has sought the help of the Ordinary President in helping to find her son. According to her, she received a call from her elder brother on Monday morning and was informed of the unfortunate incidence.

The wife also said she has not been contacted and no one has heard anything as regards his whereabouts.

The Young Officer.

It was gathered that this gallant police officer was shot allegedly by an officer of the Nigerian army and the only pointer to that is the video that went viral on social media.

As at the time the video went round, he was still alive but no one can tell if he was rescued or not as there are no official reports from the Police.

The Ordinary called Colonel Sergir Musa who said he had no idea that the incident happened but he would look into it.


  1. Ordinary president may God bless you, you will live long to your satisfaction in the name of God almighty. It shall be well with you till the end of your days. Thank you for being a God’s sent to the oppressed.


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