The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Being responsible stands a man out wherever he finds himself. Your being responsible would portray you as one who is ready to take the bull by its horns come what may.

It means that you have carved a niche for yourself and whatever happens, you’ll be able to pull through. A child that’s not trained to take responsibility will find it a difficult thing to do as he grows.

Responsibility can be used alongside maturity. Maturity is the ability to take responsibility for own action and behavior to respond to the situations appropriately based on long term interest.

Maturity makes a person to grow towards their highest personal potential and to be at peace with themselves without any ambition to prove to the world, how worthy or intelligent they are.

Brekete Family.

In other words, a child should be saddled with responsibility in his growing years so that as he advances, he would not find responsibility as a strange phenomenon. He’ll be used to it already.

Also, parents should join hands to ensure that a child enjoys a proper upbringing. If it’s not so, the child’s training will not be balanced; one of the parents should not prevent the other from correcting their child or children.

It is a shared responsibility because when it is time to reap the fruits of the seed sown in the life of the child, they’ll enjoy it together.

Brekete Family.

Anyone who has learned lessons from moments of ups and downs will find it easy to be consistent in whatever he finds himself doing because of the experiences and knowledge he garnered.

Such a person should put in mind that hard work will give him an edge because he’s sure to put in more effort than he used to put. Whatever it is that your hand finds to do should be faced squarely while practicing consistency.

Things might not have worked out in time past but you should keep in mind that one day you’ll do something that will change your story; something that’ll be seen as a pointer to other things and boom you are reckoned with even in places where you wouldn’t have thought.

Everything is bound to succeed. The ones that end up failing lack adequate effort.

One of the Bankers.

The Ordinary President empathized with the career bankers who came to the studio. He said after the program yesterday, they all met him to share their sad experiences.

One of them suffered miscarriage for about 6 times. Another one because of the love she has for her career, almost delivered her baby in the banking hall.

Also, a man while on duty and in a bid to be fulfilled in his career got involved in an accident which eventually resulted in him limping.

Alhaja Ajikobi who used to be a Banker also shared her experiences; she said it was better for those who were married than for the single ones.

As a single lady working in the Bank, she had to wake up early to catch up at work because she’ll end up taking the bulk of work meant for the married ones.

Brekete Family.

She explained the different tactics she employed in those days to ensure that money is kept safe. In this regard, the Ordinary President took a step forward to see that these ones who have worked hard can get justice where possible.

He called the Director, Public Entitlement of ICPC, Mrs. Rashidat Okoduwa MNI. He said the bank they worked with used to be operating under the Federal Government but at the moment, the case at hand is that of Misbehavior on the part of Public officers.

At the end of the day, they were all unjustly dismissed without being forewarned and life is no longer the same for them. He pleaded with her to help look into the matter and promised to carry her along while the case is on.


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