The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

Fighting for one’s right is the ability to clearly and assertively communicate ideas, needs and wants and it also helps people build and maintain strong personal relationships. It helps you get what you need in various situations and can also protect you from being taken advantage of by others but there’s need to be careful of our approach to fighting for our rights. The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah gave an advice to members of Brekete Family home and abroad about exercising fundamental human right by being moderated in our approach to issues of life.

The Brekete Family

An accolade was given to the present Inspector General of Police by the Brekete Family because of his prompt response to the issue of insecurity in Nigeria and also the welfare of the officers under his tutorship.

The IG Liaison making a presentation

Case were being treated, and the Ordinary President specifically receive an update from the man that his wife was killed by a truck that belongs to Dangote Group and praise was showered to his church for their response to help the man in financing the burial arrangement.

The Brekete Family
The Brekete family

The fraudulent activities of the officials of the Pension Contributory Scheme was exposed and deliberated upon in today’s program as the DG SERVICOM made a presentation and introduced the guest from the PENCOM board  and the representatives of  PTAD and the Ordinary President urge them to find a lasting solution to the rate at which the officials siphon pensioners entitlements and they equally made a promise that there will be a good development now in their approach to giving out pension fund.


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