The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Being static or stagnant should not be anyone’s choice in the year 2020. The plan should be to move forward and be progressive. Everything happens for a reason and when it does, you should seek to progress so you would not remain stagnant.

One of the ways by which you can remain stagnant is when you hold on to grudges without letting go or seeking for a resolution. If you are guilty of this, the advice is that you should lift the burden off your shoulder and allow for a fresh start.

The Ordinary President encouraged those who are battling with some health challenges that are liable to be induced by the current weather in the country to take precautions.

Many people cannot afford to boil water for their bath because they are constrained financially or have other challenges; it was then advised that this category of people can either take their bath in the afternoon when it is a little hot and not as chilly as the early hours of the day.

He also said that children should be kept warm so that they would not be exposed to airborne diseases which are known to be on the high during the harmattan season.

Brekete Family.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah discussed at length the ordeals and the nuisance constituted by Northern destitute widely referred to as Almajiris in Nigeria.

These ones take up Begging as a career and they don’t care what you say to them as they are ready to do whatever it takes to get you to give them money.

Some go as far as cursing you for not helping and even threaten to destroy a property if not answered. The supposedly decent ones will plead with you to help them as they find it hard to fend for themselves.

The concern is that they see the act of giving them money as an entitlement that should not be trivialized. On their ordeal, children are the most affected because their mothers give birth at intervals without making provision to cater for the family.

Brekete Family.

At the end of the day, these kids are sent to a Quranic school where it is believed that they will be taught the tenet of their religion.

In most cases, these ones are not taught correctly and are not made to know what God really says but they are exposed to whatever the scholar or Mallam teaches them and that is what they hold on to for as long as possible.

It can be said that these ones instead of being knowledgeable, they become slaves to knowledge. Worse scenario is that they are enslaved by the guardian who doubles as their tutor; they would be taken to the farm owned by this man to work themselves out and won’t be given proper food or given medical attention when they fall ill.

The worse is that they do not live in a conducive environment and sleep on beds; they sleep on mats but you still find parents sending their children to ‘learn’.

Brekete Family.

While the discussion was on, there were several contributions one of which was that, President Muhammadu Buhari should revisit the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s project on Almajiri education in the Northern part of the country because if that is not done, things might turn out to be worse than it is at the moment.

Not only do they take up begging, they are drug lords. They produce lots of drug addicts because they have nothing doing and many of them get a free supply of hard drugs and local liquors.

The shocking thing is that Almajiris are not the only drug addicts in Nigeria. Some public office holders take this to stimulate their nerves by mixing it unsuspectingly with their drinks.


The representative of the 670 unduly dismissed Bankers referred to as ‘Governor’ explained in detail their plight after the termination of their appointments with the present-day Polaris Bank.

According to him, he had worked with the bank for 31 years before his dismissal of which during his active years, he was involved in an accident that resulted in him limping. While explaining, he mentioned that the Bank had undergone a name change for about five times.

At the initial stage, it was known as International Bank for West Africa and was later changed to Afribank, then to Mainstreet Bank, Skye Bank and presently known as Polaris Bank.

It is deduced thus that the dismissal was because the management of the said bank was transferred to a new board of Directors. He expressed his pains and said many of them were career bankers who chose to pursue their dreams damning the consequences.

Brekete Family.

He said that a lot of them were recruited at the young age of 16, that is, after completing their secondary school education. The knowledge they garnered and used in developing the banking system is what the Bank is glorying in and boasting of without acknowledging their efforts.

It got to the point that they were asked to put new workforces through and teach them the rudiments of the career. It was this act that afforded the management the opportunity to dismiss them unduly after they ensured that the new hands were equipped and ready for the task ahead.

The mass dismissal was said to have occurred on the 22nd June, 2012 when they all resumed work at the different branches but to their dismay, they could not access their computer system despite closing late from work the previous day.

Brekete Family.

As shocked as they were, they all decided to make enquiries as to the reason for the sudden change but they were met by armed mobile police officers who took them to the conference hall where they were each presented with their letters of termination.

As this was on, they were each presented with letters of undertaking stating that they would not sue the organization to court and would remain silent. They also promised that whosoever would agree to their terms would be paid off and given a basic salary of about N50, 000.

What insolence! Imagine someone who has worked his life out for over thirty years being dismissed without compensation but with a ridiculously low stipend. The amazing thing is that those who agreed to this have not been paid still.


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