The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

As a leader, matter how good you are, if you don’t sharpen or develop your leadership skills, you will end up being ineffective. Try as much as possible, not to be overambitious in your pursuit of excellence.

Every human being should have an ambition, and one without an ambition is without focus and one without focus is as good as dead. You should learn to chart your course accordingly and work towards achieving all that you have highlighted in your journey.

It is pertinent to experience setbacks in one’s pursuit; it can be managed if you learn not to defeat yourself psychologically. You should instead encourage yourself, do the right thing while you leave the rest for God to take care of.

Poverty is not a gift from God but some people are comfortable being in it and it leads to despondency which is the loss of hope or confidence which might eventually lead to depression.

Brekete Family.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah condemned the conduct of the officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) in the court as regards the re-arrest of Omoyele Sowore. He said it is embarrassing when other Nations stand to criticize the act.

He refers to the act as condescending. This means something is wrong somewhere. How on earth did Nigeria get to this level? He urged the management of DSS to make amends where necessary.

Impunity can be eliminated if godfatherism is dealt with in Nigeria. He also appealed to the Police management to pay officers who took part in the Kogi/ Bayelsa elections in November.

Many of those who are yet to receive payment are those who did not partake in receiving bribe during the exercise.


An update was received as regards an election-related murder in Kogi. Sometimes ago, the Children of the late Abu Simon reported that their father was shot on the day of the election, 9th March 2019 in the presence of some of his children and wife.

Abigail, the late Abu’s first daughter stated that their late father was a politician and belonged to PDP but was shot by a relation of his who belonged to the opposition party, APC.

The case was presented before the Brekete Family and Elder Emma Okoro, an elder statesman promised to address and resolve the problem amicably. She returned to report that the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja gave the Family of the deceased N2.5 Million.

She said that he emphasized that he didn’t give the money on behalf of APC or David Onoja but because he feels their pains and is sympathizing with the family on their loss. The Ordinary President prayed for the Deputy Governor.


An aged woman came in the company of her daughters to report an allegedly unfair attitude of her son-in-law after her daughter’s death. Her daughter Mariam Shuaibu spoke on her behalf and narrated mama’s ordeal in the hands of the man her daughter married.

Mama was permitted to speak in her local dialect and she narrated that her daughter, Alhaja Salamotu (late) promised to help put an end to her struggles and that was why she worked harder every day.


She got married to Alhaji Sule and as alleged; she never enjoyed her marriage as a result of her inability to bear a child. It was said that she opted for adoption of which was successful though she was told by the husband that adoption is against their cultural and religious beliefs but nevertheless, damning the consequences, she opted for it.

Her sister, Mariam took over from Mama and further explained that late Salamotu before her death considered the future of her daughter. She felt she might not be accepted and so she acquired a landed property in Dawaki from her husband.

The land was sold for 6 million naira but she made a deposit of 5 million naira after which she began construction on the land. The balance of 1 million naira was waved off by the husband.  

Deceased and her Daughter.

As alleged, she was told by her husband that he consulted a native doctor who told him that if she continues to build the house, her life will be lost in the process. After a while, she took ill and eventually died. Mariam said that she her late sister who was residing in Kaduna called her on that fateful day she might help her to the Hospital.

While at the hospital in Zaria, her condition worsened and she didn’t make it out alive. Her body was prepared for burial and taken to Kogi State on the instruction of the husband who had refused to see her throughout the period of her illness till her death owning to the fact that, the native doctor warned against seeing her until after 14 days.

She was buried and the husband went to her place of work to claim her gratuity without giving anything to her family. The Ordinary President responded by saying that it was not his intention to air this issue on terrestrial radio as he had it in mind to mediate between the striving families.

The Deceased’s House.

He had to do this because he tried several times to reach the husband in question to no avail. He was called but wouldn’t pick or return his calls. He requested that the numbers are tried, and this time, it was successful and he responded.

In his response, he denied all allegations leveled against him by the family and referred to it as fabricated lies. He claimed to have been in a very good relationship with the deceased until her death and he never divorced her as claimed by her sister.

He further explained that he sent N90, 000 to her sister in preparation for her burial rites. At the moment, he is ill and not capable to be present to go further into details but he was told by the Ordinary President to come around when he is fit enough to handle it so that the case can be settled amicably and out of court.

He appreciated the Ordinary President for the opportunity given him to express his opinions fairly and he promised to show up with evidences relating to his several claims.

Brekete Family.

For about a month, the issue of the monumental corruption going on in the Football Association has been of utmost concern and this exposition has caught attention from people from every walks of life.

Everyday births the release of new information that will help the anti-graft bodies in carrying out necessary investigations to this regard. As the struggle for a corrupt-free society gets undeniably fierce, there are men and women out there who are out to fight with everything possible.

Some of these are; Coach James Peters, Tunde Aderibigbe, Emmanuel Babayaro and Harrison Jalla who have been at the forefront of this unveiling in the Human Rights Radio as regards NFF. Others who joined later include Taribo West, who is unavoidably absent but with a promise to join soon, Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi and Ahmad Shuaibu Gombe.

One interesting story that poses doubt on the identity of the management of FIFA has it that FIFA sent delegates to NFF and on getting there, falsified documents were presented and FIFA returned satisfied.

Ahmed Shuaibu Gara Gombe.

As a first-timer, Ahmed Shuaibu Gara Gombe nicknamed Multiple Portfolio was opportune to talk and he gave credit to those who made the strong move to reveal the hideous corrupt acts of NFF as a body and the officials.

He said the struggle has been going on for a while and he believed that the process of unveiling it in the studio will be effective and yield positively. He said his belief in transparency and accountability is what gave him the effrontery to come out to say what he knows about NFF and its corrupt management.

Mr. Gara Gombe said that NFF adopted FIFA statutes and that as far as he is concerned; NFF’s operations are still illegal as opposed to Alhaji Sani Lulu’s claims. NFF according to him is not supposed to be bound by FIFA’s laws from introduction to conclusion because, in other countries like Switzerland, FIFA operates as a Non- Governmental Organization.  

Brekete Family.

He also revealed information that indicted the outgone Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung of being involved in corruption. He called on him to account for how he got his first house located in Gwarimpa as there was a deeper side of the story to his claims of a mortgage.

The Ordinary President called the Secretary-General of FIFA, Fatma Samoura but as a result of her busy schedule, he promised to call her tomorrow so she will be in the know of what is happening in NFF.

Staff and Students of Unique Blossom Schools, Maitama, Abuja.

Unique Blossom Schools Maitama, Abuja was represented by quite an appreciable number of its Staff and Students who came to contribute to the welfare of the indigent ones in the society.

The School marked its Humanitarian day by giving back to the society in recognition of the fact that there are lots of people who barely have a means of livelihood. This singular act is in a bid to put the children on the right path of leadership and help them to become better in whatever institution they get to head.

Unique Blossom Schools.

The highlight of their presence which in turn became the best part of the program was that they brought gifts to be distributed through the help of the Ordinary President to the needy and helpless folks.

The Ordinary President in return appreciated their efforts and kind gestures and he prayed that their future is brighter.


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