Comfort Okpere a.k.a Complete Package.

Every new opportunity you get should be geared towards self-development; put effort into doing it as life progresses. If you are not useful to yourself, you’ll find it hard to serve others responsibly.

You should also note that it is wrong to feel entitled to any help offered to you. People would help you but you should not see it a right or entitlement else you’ll lose it as a whole.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah introducing the Guest.

A member of the Brekete Family in diaspora paid a visit and he was given the opportunity to introduce himself. He is Efe Akemu from Delta state but resides in Greece.

The Ordinary President quizzed him about his lineage and he advised every listener and viewer to be connected to their family history and roots. If you don’t know who you are, it might be difficult getting help so the best thing is to retrace your steps and do the needful.

You should also try to pass the same knowledge down to your children and generation after them will benefit because it will create a kind of bond that cannot slack. No matter how long you stay in a foreign land, home will always be warm and welcoming.

Victim of Hypnotism.

A man shared his near-death experience during the course of the program. According to him, he left Human Rights radio on the 23rd December 2019 after benefitting from the Ordinary President’s Christmas bonus.

He stood by the roadside while waiting for a cab and after a short while; he flagged a cab and told the driver he was going to Maraba. He was told his fare is N2500 but after haggling the price, the driver agreed to take N2000.

As they were going, the driver told him his own phone was missing and the search began but unfortunately for him, he became unconscious until he opened his eyes to find himself lying by the roadside on the 24th December.

Brekete Family.

People passed him by and assumed he got drunk and fell by the roadside. Meanwhile, the driver had robbed him and left him there. Luck shined on him when a good Samaritan; a woman came to his aid and realized that he wasn’t drunk.

She helped take him to the hospital where he was treated. It is evident that he was hypnotized. The ordinary President cautioned everyone and said they should be mindful of the vehicles they’ll flag down.

He is fortunate to have survived the experience. He pleaded that anyone who helps him find his bag should return it as it contains important documents.


The Chairman Minister’s Task Team on Traffic Management, Attah Iharo shared his experience in the hands of hoodlums when he went about his official duties. He came in company of the Director Department of Outdoor Advertisement Assignment, Dr. Babagana Adam.

Mr. Attah said Dr. Babagana intercepted and reported that an altercation was going on between Revenue Collectors and APCON. Before then, there had been an argument over who had the right to take revenue.

These people (those taking advertisement permit fee) were eventually beaten to a pulp; in fact, the term used for Dr. Babagana was that he should be wasted.

Brekete Family.

The case was taken to the Police where it was figured out that thugs were employed to carry out the illegal act after which they had the gut to still complain at the police station.

It was gathered that these ‘hoodlums’ carry out their acts out at strategic locations without respect for anyone.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad promised to do his best to see that the culprits are brought to book and he encouraged them to continue with the steps they are taking to get justice.

Mr. Mustapha Zubairu.

Nigerian Shippers Council was duly represented by the Deputy Director, Public-Private Partnership; Mustapha Zubairu who explained the federal government’s intervention in curbing road accidents.

He said the government set apart a facility that hosts trailer parks. He added that there are several convenient infrastructures like banks, mosques, churches, and others.

The reason is to ensure that trucks are not parked indiscriminately by the roadside. It was noted that truck drivers are usually carefree when driving and they sometimes cut lives short due to their careless attitudes while driving.


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